Curious facts about truffles

Truffle is, perhaps, the most mysterious and expensive delicacy of mushroom in world cuisine. And although the appearance of the mushroom is rather peculiar, its unpresentable appearance more than pays off with anything incomparable bright aroma and unique taste.

Among other things, the truffle is considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac, who is able to force a person with a head to rush into love adventures. The menu of the most famous women’s sailors could not do without these delicious mushrooms. Among the judges of the truffles are Casanova, Byron and Napoleon Bonaparte.

As a result of recent scientific research, it turned out that these divine mushrooms secrete pheromones.

One kilo of the largest and tasty truffles costs more than four thousand dollars, that is much more expensive than gold.

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The best truffles grow in Southern France and the northern provinces of Italy. The unofficial name of these mushrooms is "black diamonds."

The most fragrant kind of truffles is white. Unlike black truffles, they are not bred. And as these mushrooms grow in extremely limited areas, they are very expensive.

The most expensive white truffle weighed 1.2 kilograms and was sold at an Italian auction for 95,000 euros.

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