David Beckham criticized for the fact that he was kissing a 6-year-old daughter Harper on the lips

Baby Harper is a favorite of David Beckham. However, sometimes, the happy father is feeling quite strange.

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Not long ago, David Beckham admitted that his sons were disappointed. The upset father told reporters that 19-year-old Brooklyn, 15-year-old Romeo and 13-year-old Cruz not interested in football. Meanwhile, the athlete had hoped that the boys would follow in their footsteps, because they have everything you need for this physique. But the favorite of David, a 6-year-old daughter Harper does not want to upset the Pope, therefore, regular visits on Saturdays.

Beckham loves the girl and tries to hold the baby as much time as possible. On the days stellar he went for groceries. David was, as always, dressed for the nines, but Harper was … penguin costume! However, this is not what attracted the attention of Internet users.

Fans are outraged that one of the photos are taken by the paparazzi, the football player kisses the daughter on the lips. Many have it that David allows himself such "liberties" that have already enough adult girl. What do you think, is it worth it to criticize Beckham?


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