Fairy School from Studio Weave

Architects from Studio Weave have created a school for children with learning difficulties. Unusual space is located right in the middle of the forest on the outskirts of London.

This school, like a fairytale castle in the forest, blends harmoniously with the environment and admits not everyone to its possessions.

Before starting the project, the architects conducted a lesson with the children, where they were asked to write a small essay on how the new school can interact with the forest. As a result, the idea was born to create a school with a clearly delineated boundary, where there will be a sliding arched door that looks like a gate to a fairy-tale castle. All, is, secret, garden.

For the creation of the school, wood with cedar was used as well as birch plywood for interior finishing. The warm color of the tree not only creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere, but also blends in balanced with the surrounding landscape.

Studio Weave has three different specialized training rooms, each of which occupies a space of 150 m². Skylights in these classes allow natural light to fill rooms, and doors and windows.

There are regular classes for training, where you can conduct lessons, both indoors and outdoors, and secluded places for reading. And there are special spaces that teach children independence. For example, a living room with a common kitchen, where you can cook and meet for dinner. The school encourages the independence of the students and their supporters of their social, emotional and personal development.

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