Film critic Lyudmila Bakhtin: “Helen helped”

Colleagues, about the actress Elena Velichko: “Helped others and believed good works, the meaning of life.”

On the death of 32-year-old actress said the Director and screenwriter Renata Litvinova in his Instagram. She has published on the page of Helen: “Helen Velichko, farewell to … the Actress of the Theater of MIME and gesture is the prototype of which Valery Todorovsky directed the film “country of the deaf”.

Following the film “country of the deaf” aspiring Actresses Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova, woke up famous. This story is about the dancer Yaya (Dina Korzun), which is almost hears nothing, has enough money to go to the land of the deaf. Elena Velichko has appeared on the screen only once, in 1990-m to the year the Soviet-German picture of the director, Renata Litvinova.

Film critic Lyudmila Bakhtin: "Helen helped"Photo: still from the film

For me this is an incredible shock … So young … Still a lot can bring to life, – says film critic Lyudmila Bakhtin, which communicated with the nets. – It is unfortunate that Helen did not appear on the screen. She was a stunning actress, was sensitive to the world. I’ve never seen her sad. Despite the fact that she hardly heard, never complained of his illness. Helped others and believed good works, the meaning of life. Lena has always believed that the actor should face the audience full of energy and mischief. Though, perhaps, concealed. The bright memory!

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