Icebreakers festival opens in St. Petersburg

Icebreakers festival opens in St. PetersburgFestival of icebreakers in St. Petersburg. Photo: Moika78 / Valentin Egorshin

In St. Petersburg, the fifth, jubilee, icebreaker festival was opened. Guests will see six "giants".

Petersburgers will be shown not only the legendary "Krasin". He was joined by five courts: "Novorossiysk", "St. Petersburg", "Ivan Krusenstern", "Nevskaya Zastava" and "Mudyug".

Icebreakers festival opens in St. Petersburg

Moika78 / Valentin Egorshin

You can see the ships from the Lieutenant Schmidt quay or the English quay.

In the evening in the water area of ​​the Neva will be a parade of icebreakers.

In total, St. Petersburg will have two days to see the icebreakers.

As I wrote "Moika78", the St. Petersburg Festival topped the top festive events in the country. It is he who attracts tourists to the northern capital so much at the May holidays.

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