In the Shukshin family

The younger daughter of Vasily Makarovich arranged a showdown with his granddaughter for money

It seems that in family. Then they divide the apartments, then they chase with their husbands, then the grandsons of Vasily Makarovich get into some problems … Another scandal happened because of the royalties. It turns out that there are two SHUKSHIN funds in our country. And in both runs his granddaughter Anna – the daughter of the actress and TV presenter Maria SHUKSHINA. What is surprising, the first – "Spring" – appeared in 2013. And Olga SHUKSHINA, heiress of the first stage, learned about him only last year. And, feeling wrong, appealed to the prosecutor’s office.

– Nobody directly explained to me: why the fund, what are its goals and objectives, – spreads his hands Olga Shukshina. – The whole country knows that because of the father’s apartment, where I am the owner of two rooms, my mother and I started having problems. My son Vasily was shown from the house by strange people, and I did not communicate with my mother for a long time. Washu was taken into the army, and life went on as usual. In February 2017, my mother and I decided to make up. We spent the summer together. At the same time, I met with my niece, who lived in Papa’s apartment on Bochkova Street. Anya responded to the reconciliation and offered to make cartoons in stories Shukshin. Then she sent a memorandum, the essence of which was to ensure that she was engaged in all the creative material, and we, the heirs – a widow and three daughters of Vasily Makarovich, would give her their rights.

FEDOSEEVOY-Shukshina and her relatives. Andrei Malakhov with pleasure. Photo by Boris KUDRYAVOV / EG.RU

The elder sister Katya (the daughter of the famous writer and actor from the second marriage, an interpreter from German. N.M.), Who grandfather was the editor of the magazine Ogonyok, also was not aware of all these Annyh funds and did not sign the contract. Katya has a special history. Probably, she grew up insulting her father, but on the sixth decade she became a student, and we reached out to each other. I met her, although my mother protected me and Masha from this communication. FROM Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina Katya did not have a relationship. In one year she came to her father’s homeland in the village of Srostki, "Either I, or Katya."

– So what about the memorandum? Have you signed it?

– Of course not! When I studied the documents Anya, I understood: there is full of "water" and pathos. Here and there, contradictory things began to rush to me. I asked Anya to send me a charter and show financial documents. She said that there is a report on the fund’s website. Looked. For example, the Barnaul. Children at their own expense were to come, accommodation at the expense of the fund. They mastered two grants: one for three million, the other for five. What happened to the director of the first fund "Spring" Nikolay Kuznetsov, I can not understand. But Anya for some reason opened a second fund in 2015 – the "Success Formula", making the director of a realtor Konstantin Tregub, who at that time was her husband.

I wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office to see if the niece had reported on the grants and what was the second fund was doing. On April 3, I received a letter from the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in Moscow, where it was reported that they Shukshin Success Formula in the audit plan for 2019.

Vasily Makarovich with daughters – Masha and Olya (early 70’s). Photo from the family archive SHUKSHINNYKH

Generous lover

– Olga, and how much money does Vasily Shukshin’s work bring?

– Every month we – his widow and three daughters – get author’s from the plays of Vasily Makarovich. There was, for example, a recent case with the producer center Fedor Dobronravova, actor from the series "Matchmakers." They made a performance based on Shukshin’s stories, but did not sign an agreement with the heirs through RAO. When everything turned out, the center’s management was informed of each of us and offered conditions. Katya began to argue a little with the producer, deciding to fine him by 300 thousand rubles. I had the following conditions: 20,000 rubles to be paid on the card after each show. I do not get up from my knees and thank my father, who goes to feed us. To the mother, I know, Dobronravov himself came and paid all the legal fees.

– Why did Katya decide to fine the producer center, because they also popularize the writer’s work?

– Katya checks every letter. Once she dug up Babkina, which staged the play "Red Kalina". Nadezhda Vasilyevna made changes to the plot: the hero comes out of prison and immediately steals a suitcase at the station. The meaning of it is completely different.

Masha Masha almost supports her daughter Anya almost all. Photo by Boris KUDRYAVOV / EG.RU

I saw that the project for six million rubles is now hanging on the site of the presidential grants – "Shukshinskaya Palette". Anya wants to spend it with the foundation. I was amazed when I came to meet her. Anya flew out of the snow-white two-door Mercedes. 30-year-old girl who has never worked anywhere. "Anya, where did you get such a car?" I asked. And Anya, being a bad actress, says: "And what? I can not have a rich gentleman? "And then I understand that the price of the car is close to the amount of the grant.


When I dialed the number Anna Shukshina in the hope of finding out, what was going on with her aunt, she did not go into details, she reported dryly:

– Yes, Aunt Olya set the Prosecutor’s Office on us. Now there is a test in the "Formula of Success" fund about the events that we conducted, but so far I have not heard about any violations.

Olga SHUKSHINA found a common language not only with her older sister Katerina, but also with Anastasia (right), which Lydia Nikolaevna gave birth to her first marriage, and her daughter Laura (in the center). Alas, the famous mother and these relatives have disagreements. A photo:


In the story with the funds of Ani SHUKSHINO I was still tormented by one more thing: who is this mysterious co-founder Nikolai KUZNETSOV who at some point disappeared somewhere. And found information about him in the city court of St. Petersburg. Petersburg!

Nikolay Kuznetsov He did not pay us for the equipment he received for the festival of documentary films "Nugget", – said the director of the agency for organizing the holidays "Art Festival" Cyril Korobov. – The Fund "Spring" owes us 300 thousand rubles. That’s why I sued.

An unpleasant residue left Nicholas and in the shower Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina.

– Kolya is my neighbor in Finland. About him there are rumors that he is blue, – Lidia Nikolayevna said. – But I do not care. It seemed to me, the guy was good. But in 2017 Kuznetsov deceived me. I gave him the money to close the rent for an apartment in Finland: from January to May. I come and receive a letter: we put the apartment for sale for non-payment. And before that, Kolya swore to me that she had paid, and the receipts from Masha in her Finnish mail box. I told my daughter, but she did not break with him! Kolya helped her to bring furniture from Finland, she had an apartment in Moscow now – like the Hermitage! And the second time Nikolai set me up with a dacha in Finland. He offered to buy for 28 thousand euro with him in half. And I saved the euro: I got a hundred thousand on the jury of the festival and changed money for the euro. I gave him the money – and silence. With difficulty and not soon.

Every year the Shukshin Days are held in the Srostki. Tatiana POPOVA, head of the Department of Informatization and Advertising of the Museum of V. Shukshin, is perplexed that the writer’s granddaughter is 400 thousand rubles. "This money is barely enough for tickets to visit artists," Popova notes. Photo by Oleg ULLADOV / "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

Yes, and done with the festival of documentary paintings in St. Petersburg. Petersburg. He was the director of the fund and made many financial fakes in the reporting. I say to him: "Kolya, what is it? Why do not you pay the actors? "And he:" Lydia Nikolaevna, what do you care? Who are you? I am the director of the foundation. " I did not want to get involved. I’m tied up with the governor, the head of the department’s culture. Kolya is a strange person. He was not given a visa year for machinations in Estonia, I also know that he was a lawyer Zhirinovsky.

Interesting guesses about who such as Nikolay Kuznetsov, has shared and Olga Shukshina:

– The man who drove Vasya out of his father’s apartment was called Kolya. He’s on the video. He still threatened Vasya to throw drugs, for which he and put. I think that this Kolya is Nikolai Kuznetsov.

The head of the fund "Viasna" responded to the claim as follows:

– I’m not going to comment on this nonsense! Are there court decisions? If I say you that Anya is doing to Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina, the whole of Russia hair will stand on end. And before Korobov I fulfilled my obligations.

Freya also goes to court

19-year-old Freya ZILBER, who claims to have become pregnant with Maria Makshara’s son Makar KASATKINA, in early April gave birth to a boy. Sibiryachka got acquainted with the grandson of the writer in the social network and did not even guess, from what he family. The novel did not last long. According to the girl, Makar took drugs and beat her, even when she was already in position. Freya wrote a statement to the police, but someone hid the story.

For Freyja (at birth, her mother gave her the name of Nastya), the son from Makar is the second child. Her granddaughter made her parents happy at 14. Photo:

– From our child Makar wanted to get rid, – says Silber. – Therefore, I do not hope that he will become a good father. I need from him only alimony, because he, as a biological father, is obliged to pay them. However, as far as I know, he does not work anywhere. I need help, but neither Maria Shukshina, nor Makaru, after the birth of a child, I can not get through. In the near future, I will file a lawsuit requesting DNA testing. Thank you program Andrey Malakhov, that helped me with renting an apartment.

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