It’s official: Kim Cattrall starred in the new series

It's official: Kim Cattrall starred in the new series

The last six months around Kim Cattrall, the Hollywood passions raged: the star refused to shoot in the new part of the movie “Sex and the City” and quarreled with Sarah Jessica Parker. In March, the 61-year-old actress gave several interviews in which she confessed that she considered herself inappropriate for the role of Samantha Jones.

The fans of the actress were sure that Kim Cattrall decided to retire from the film world and devote her time to the family. But yesterday it became known that Kim began shooting in a new project directed by the horror Kevin Williamson (“Faculty”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Scream”), the output of which is scheduled for 2019. According to the plot of the series, each episode will be devoted to a fairy tale, shot in the spirit of the horror film. The screenwriters have already confirmed that the audience will see new variations of the Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, as well as other works by the Grimm brothers. By the way, ironically the action of the series will unfold in New York, where Kim Cattrall was shot about 20 years in “Sex and the City”.

Recall that the last project of the star was the series “Prosecution witness” (2016), in which Kim played the socialite Emily French.

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