May Mask: how to grow a billionaire, and in 70 years to work as a model

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About the stars

Founder PayPal and Space X Ilon Mask – the main business star of our time, with which was written off the hero of Anthony Stark of the Avengers: genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. Each new initiative Mask is a discussion of the issues discussed in the media.

The mother of businessman Mei Mask in Russia is not so known, but no less steep than his son. The 70-year-old woman of 55 years works as a model, looks great and cooperates with major brands.

Her main profession is a dietician, and she has two master’s degrees, and a woman’s calls herself a nerd and a science lover. She has three children, whom she raised for several years alone, ten grandchildren and a dog.

May Mask is from Swiss Germans. Her ancestors immigrated from Europe to New York during the War of Independence of the United States, and later parted from there in the Midwest. In 1948, her father Joshua Norman Haldeman married a Canadian dance teacher, Winnifred Josephine Fletcher, and on April 19, they had twin daughters Kay and May. Haldeman was an aviator, and the family traveled a lot in North America on their own single-engine aircraft with a propeller.

Parents May Mask

In 1950, when the daughters were only two years old, the Haldemans left Canada and moved to South Africa, to the city of Pretoria near Johannesburg. May’s parents were obsessed with the idea of ​​the lost city of Farini in the Kalahari desert and spent ten years searching for it, so the weekend was spent in search of this mythical place, and in 1952 an adventurous couple flew around the globe on their own plane. Mei Haldeman, meanwhile, entered the Model School at the age of 15 and began to take podium and take pictures for magazines, and in 1969 she even entered the final of the Miss South Africa contest.

Working as a model, the girl received a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, and then, while she was in the evening model school, graduated magistracy. She did not know that she would work as a model all her life, so she worked hard at the education: "I had to study well to prove that I’m not stupid." May all carried books with her.

In 1970, May married a construction engineer, Errol Mask. They with the husband have grown in one area and for the first time. Errol since childhood and seven years for her courting.

June 28, 1971, nine months after the wedding, the couple was born firstborn Ilon. A year later, he had a brother Kimball, and soon also a sister Tosca. In 1979, when Ilona was eight years old, his parents filed for divorce. According to May, in the first year after the break with her husband, it was not easy for her: she moved with the children to Toronto without financial support: the bank was frozen (such a policy of the country was to prevent outflow of population). "I cried when the children shed milk, because I did not have the money to buy them another pack," May recalled in a recent interview.

The woman was not in a better mood, and over the year she gained 18 kilograms. Only then did she begin to lose weight, and take this into account in her dietician practice. Then, at 32, she became one of the first popular plus-sais models, but she got rid of extra pounds. But now the children are jokingly told in an interview that there was never any food in their house.

In Toronto, May Mask continued to work as a model with the agency Elite Modeling Agency, received a second Master’s Degree in Nutrition (Science of Nutrition) at the University of Toronto, retested the exams and received a dietitian license in Canada and the United States. She got a job at the University of Toronto, so that the children could study there for free, lead model courses and workshops on healthy eating, and also worked as a nutritionist. In total, according to May Mask, she worked on five works. The family then did not have extra money: "The first thing we did when I got my salary was to buy a carpet on the floor to sit on it. We did not have any furniture. And with the next paycheck Ilona bought a computer, so he was sitting at the computer right on the floor. "

Therefore Tosca worked in the store after school. After two years of living together 10-year-old Ilon said that he would have been moved with Kimball. According to the founder of Tesla, now this is one of the few decisions he regrets. At 50, Mae Musk moved to New York, and her career began to develop with renewed vigor, she began to participate in major advertising campaigns. Noting the 60th birthday, Mask stopped tinting her gray hair and shortened them. The new appearance of her contracts with Virgin America and Joe Fresh, billboards with her image in Times Square, the appearance on the covers of "Elle Quebec" New York Magazine, L’Officiel Azerbaijan, Vogue Italia and Vogue Korea and even in the Beyonce Haunted video.

Also, May Mask received the title It-girl (this untranslatable term in the media is famous, fashionable and modern girls) from the edition Vanity Fair. Mask even had to reconsider the schedule of work as a nutritionalist because of the many offers of photo sessions and defile. She believes that gray is now relevant, and competition among the age-old models is less than the young ones: if there is enough under the photograph, you can even get a job without casting.

After 60 years, Mask was shot for New York Magazine nude and with a false belly: this work with photographer Ann Leibovitz became a remake of the famous magazine cover with pregnant Demi Moore. She works with one of the largest international agencies IMG Models WorldWide, which cooperates with Gigi Hadid and Carly Kloss. And at 69, in September 2017, the woman became the face of the cosmetic brand Cover Girl.

"I think it will be an inspiration for women. For me, age is not a problem, it’s a wonderful thing. You become more confident, easier to cope with difficulties. I’m a model of my age. I’m not trying to hide it, saying that I’m 50. Soon I will be 70 years old, and I’m proud of it. It’s only begining".

Mask admits that in 2017 worked more than in his entire life. And the relationship with Ilon Mask, if it affects his mother’s career, is less than he might be from the outside.

How to raise a billionaire

Ilona Mask knows the whole world, but the two other children of the Mei have also made great strides. The youngest son of Kimball owns the restaurant chain The Kitchen and is on the board of directors of the companies Tesla Motors, SpaceX and the chain of fast food Chipotle Mexican Grill. He launched the project "Learning Gardens" (Learning Gardens) in 200 US schools. Daughter Mask Tosca is a Hollywood director (she made six films, her page on the Film Search.) And a producer at the Cannes Film Festival. Of course, May Mask is often asked how to raise such children. The woman who was in the same way: she only gave a personal example.

May never bothered if her children would find their way in life: "I did not have time for this." Indeed, she did not check out their homework, and at school even learned to sign for the mother on the test papers. The children were often left to their own devices and grew very independent. Mask is not tormented that he is paid little attention to children, and unabashed admits: "I was an ideal mother."

Most of all, Mask wanted her children to learn how to work hard, because that’s what makes a person happy and does not let grow old. Her recipe is simple: "The more you work, the more successful you become. My children have worked very hard. They themselves are workaholics. "

May says that their success is entirely due to them: "I never helped my children. I have worked too hard and hard "

In fact, the woman helped her sons, including financially. When Ilon and Kimbal launched the Zip2 software company in 1995, May supported their aspirations: "Kimbal came to me to discuss business with Ilon by phone. When I saw the bill for the phone 800 dollars a month, I told him to quit his job and flew to the Silicon Valley. "

Every six weeks she was visited by the investors in the US and gave them advice, helped to draw up a business plan, and once even two o’clock she made a presentation with investors for them.

"That day we were so tired that we went to a restaurant in Palo Alto, and I said," This is the last time I pay for our dinner. " Since then, I have never really paid for them "

In 1996, May Mask invested all her savings – $ 10,000 – in the company of her sons, so that they could pay for office rent and other expenses. In 1999, the company is the manufacturer of software Compaq for $ 307 million, and Ilon earned a deal of 22 million. May jokes that it was her best investment.

While the children of Mask had not achieved such success, they had no money for expensive gifts, and then they gave her a promise: "They gave me a small toy house and a small toy a size of a matchbox and said:" Someday we’ll buy you these are real. " Of course, they are keeping their promise. Ilon Mask gave his mother a car Tesla. True, the new model of Tesla 3, she will have to wait for in the queue for about 300 thousand people.

About his starry son, May says: "I was a botanist, and Ilon was a super-botanist. Once I was told it was in my class there was no one who knew mathematics better than me. And he laughed because he knew mathematics. " When asked what Ilon learned from his mother, she wrote: "I hope that he took my views on life."

According to her, Ilona does not need yachts and expensive things, because he lived in difficult financial conditions: "His goal is to make this world better. People think that it is driven by selfish motive. But this is not so. And I’m very upset when people say about the son: "Oh, yes, he just wants to earn more." No, money was never important to him. He’s just obsessed with his idea. "

Now Mae Mask has a wonderful relationship with Ilon, and last year they together appeared at the Oscar party Vanity Fair. The woman jokes about him.

How to save a figure to 70 years old

May Mask always has to think about proper nutrition, otherwise she quickly gaining weight. Every morning she spends half an hour on an exercise bike and never forgets about stretching. Mask knows how important it is to plan a diet, and tries to make a list of all the dishes the next day: "Otherwise, it will get out of hand, and I’ll gain weight. I have the eighth size, I’m not skinny at all. " Also, Mask necessarily sleeps at least eight hours a day, tries not to stay up late and get up early. Young colleagues she warns against smoking: a bad habit spoils a complexion and destroys a modeling career.

Mask adheres to fairly simple rules of nutrition. Sometimes she deliberately eats little in the evening, so as to get hungry by the morning. In the morning, a toast of whole wheat bread and an omelette with tomatoes and mushrooms. If you need to shoot early in the morning, then breakfast is a cup of coffee, cereal and half a banana. She prepares a porridge with a high fiber content: raisins, bran, wheat and barley, dried cranberries, chopped nuts and pecans, as well as sunflower seeds.

For dinner, Mask prepares a salad of different ingredients: it can include romaine lettuce, onions, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, tuna or salmon, chickpeas and in general all kinds of beans. She serves salad with lemon juice and olive oil. She likes soup with soup. Her signature dish is made from 12 kinds of legumes, which is brewed for half an hour on low heat. There she adds broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes and wild rice.

Favorite food Mask – lamb meat, rich in nutritious elements. She also eats potatoes, although dietitians do not favor him. It divides it into three meals. When asked about the fashion for raw food, her face "distorted in a grimace, as if she saw a cockroach," said a journalist who went to Muscum in an interview with her son Kimbal’s restaurant. "I went to a restaurant of raw food, but eventually said:" Please give me a hamburger! "I could not eat anything."

May Mask tries not to drink fruit juices: they are too high in calories and do not satiate. She advises drinking water, and fruits are separately. She loves the sweet, but tries to limit herself and fight the temptation. For dessert, she eats fruit: apples, grapes, plums. She also always carries snacks with her – for example, nuts or prunes. "When you are hungry, you look at food, and it’s never a salad – it’s always cupcakes! So my principle is not to starve. "

Now Mei Mask has two sites: one about her modeling career, and the other on the healthy lifestyle. She is still a counseling nutritional nutritionist, but now she’s focused on stories about how to achieve good health and well-being at any age, and then maintain this result. Mei Mask has been running his own nutrition business for more than 45 years, working in eight cities and three countries: South Africa, Canada and the United States.

Mask was the first nutritionist who was photographed for a box of cereal with his book Feel Fantastic (it can be read for free in the blog). As a nutrition expert for companies, associations, hospitals and universities around the world. Also, Musk participates in the program of his son, "Teaching Gardens": in 200 American non-poor schools, vegetable gardens are broken up, where children themselves can grow fruits and vegetables and take them home.

Perhaps, the main statement of Mask, which helps to understand this active woman, is: "Yes, I like to be a busy lady!" Even at 70 (she met April 19) her favorite hashtag #justgettingstarted – "It’s only begining". Such optimism may seem artificial, but May has a fine example to follow – her mother. Winnifred Josephine never thought of a pension, at age 94, she mastered the Macbook to do computer graphics, and was very active until the age of 96. "I’m the same. There is no word "pension" in my vocabulary, "emphasizes May Mask.

On the Internet, Mei Mask is compared to the heroine of the cartoon film "101 Dalmatians" and jokes that they are with Ilon – the ideal meme characters about "my mother’s friend’s son", which is more successful than the peers in all. Well, journalists do not find anything surprising in the fact that Ilon Mask divorces and throws all his women (sometimes and several times): it is very difficult to find perfection when you have such a mother.

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