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In January, the Sundance film festival premiere of the Western "Girl" with Robert Pattinson and MIA wasikowska in the lead roles.

The plot: Samuel alabaster – a measure of a narcissistic pedant with handkerchiefs and stories about a villain kidnapped bride Penelope. Samuel does not know how to drink whiskey, and even go into a saloon. Faithful companion of cowboy – Henry, posing as a missionary preacher. Once in the desert, wearied with life, the pastor gave him a tattered Bible and a complete outfit of a priest. Sermons Henry listen is that crabs – most of the time the pastor was lying on the beach dead drunk. And the girl does not need to be rescued from thieves – Penelope shoots a shotgun, and how to use the dynamite.

Another Western "Brothers Sisters" will be released September 19. Starring (no, not the Williams sisters), and Jake Gyllenhaal, Joaquin Phoenix, John C. Reilly and Rutger Hauer.

New trailers

The plot: 1851, the Wild West. A mysterious and powerful commander sentenced the unfortunate prospector Hermann Warm to death. An unpleasant task falls to the share of brothers and Sisters unbalanced Eli and tired of Charlie, but they are not used to discuss assignments.

Another picture with Jake and Carey Mulligan – drama "Wild life" – in the Russian hire 18 Oct. Writer, producer and Director Paul dano.

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The story of the collapse of one American family, presented through the eyes of a teenager. Sixteen-year-old Joe Osceola center is forced to watch as his mother has an affair with a foreign man, while his father, lost his job, struggles with a forest fire.

Another drama "Moth" – another adaptation of the novel by Henri charger, will be released September 6. Starring Rami Malek and Charlie Hunnam.

The plot: nicknamed Butterfly because of the tattoo on his chest safecracker Henry makes several escape attempts from the prison. Soon he was sent to Devil’s island, surrounded by the ocean, where nobody has been able to escape.

German drama "It’s fucking heart" in the hire from 19 July.

New trailers

The plot: the lenny – endless party with friends. He’s used to having his every whim paid for by the father. In one city it lives 15-year-old David, who almost spends all his time at home. David has a congenital heart defect and the doctors’ prognosis is not very comforting. Father lenny, tired of the idleness of the son, and entrusts to the care of David. Suddenly these two become each other irreplaceable. Lenny helps a guy to feel the taste of life and make dreams come true, and David, in turn, gives him the opportunity to feel the responsibility for their lives and the lives of those who are near.

In Cannes were presented Thriller "A knife in the heart" with Vanessa Paradis.

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The story of heartbroken woman who decided to become a porn director, but fall into the trap of a serial killer.

28 Jun in the Russian hire starts the French Comedy "50 spring days".

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The plot: the heroine has one to raise his child. She has a charming daughter, she has a teenager, but she has an insanely complex character, because she always gets into a strange and confusing situation. Trying to keep her crazy – because she’s almost 40, and no man is around. Then she fully dedicates his time to finding a decent man.

7 Sep will take place premiere of the new film with johnny Depp "The city lies".

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The plot: disgraced detective Russell Poole after many years back to the main business of his life, which he failed, on the investigation of the murder of legendary rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorius big. Along with reporter Jackson trying to save his reputation, Poole unravels a web of unimaginable conspiracy, which may be involved by his fellow cops.

Anna-Sophia Robb and Uma Thurman in a horror movie "Down the hall".

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The plot: Kit Gordy, a new student at an elite boarding school Blackwood, forced to confront the supernatural and dark forces of this institution and its principal.

21 Jun the car will be released documentary "Mountains".

New trailers

Mountains, the most inaccessible and treacherous nature. Their slopes attracted mankind from time immemorial. This fight lasts for centuries, but that it deserves more admiration: the mountains themselves.

Pleasant viewing!

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