“Oh, this is me, the intelligentsia!”: Georgy Burkov would have turned 85

"Oh, this is me, the intelligentsia!": Georgy Burkov would have turned 85

Ah, Burkov, – languishly stretch out the Soviet women and are accepted to remember.

Alcoholic retoucher Petya from Zigzag luck, who calculated: “With this money you can buy 3484 half liters and there are 92 kopecks for snacks.” Or a gabashlap in a stretchy sweater from Ryazanov’s “Garage”: “I sold my homeland for the car!”. The prosecutor in the “Old-timers-robbers”, always tied up with a mysterious gangster bullet. And of course, – a drinking companion wrapped up in a towel from the “Irony of Fate”: “Pasha, I never get drunk” …

And then again and again, and yet – Georgy Burkov has a lot of roles in the cinema. Charming, with a crumpled “always” face, he played zabuldygyg and drunkards, but at the same time he gained the glory of Hamlet of Soviet cinema and became, terribly, to say, a sex symbol.

Hardly glancing at Burkov, Eldar Ryazanov stamps: you have the ideal appearance of a drunk intellectual. The characteristic was fixed so that in other roles of the actor no one could imagine. Of course, he wanted to play Hamlet and Don Quixote … But to overcome the image of the alcoholic Petit from the “Zigzag luck” did not work.

"Oh, this is me, the intelligentsia!": Georgy Burkov would have turned 85

On the set "Garage" Eldar Ryazanov.

Yes, and whether it was necessary. He did not receive a national artist in rank, he became a people’s artist in fact.

It’s amazing how the audience’s sympathies are distributed. In the history of cinema, there were also stronger personalities, talented actors and charming men, who, however, were not destined to become a national hero. So what is national character?

First of all – a phenomenal luck. Not only Ilya-Muromtsu could be up to thirty years on the stove, and then – go heroic. A favorite child of wealthy parents, Burkov, like a fairy-tale hero, waited until his thirty-three years in his native Perm. Education has not received. Four times I went to theater universities. Four times did not accept: let Permian talk. And one day they said: “Young man, do not come. You did not choose that profession. ” But if Lyudmila Gurchenko, her Kharkov prognosis, then blew blood, then George needed only to wait. Adult man, who is too late to start again – fell off, went to Moscow and-unexpectedly-the man obeyed him. Moscow, after all, is also a woman.

Women helped him, patronized, protected him.

“I felt tender pity for him,” confesses the wife, Tatiana Uharova. “A kind of patronizing and pitying smile wandered over her lips,” Burkov wrote about his first woman, marked in the diaries with the initial G. And even on a trip to Moscow he was spurred by a woman – a metropolitan journalist who saw the “nugget” and told the director about it Boris Lvov-Anokhin.

By the way, the director who fell in love with Burkova “as the father of his child”, monthly paid a nugget from the provincial wage from his pocket, until there was a place in the theater.

On the anniversary of the actor in Perm, his diaries with an introduction by his wife, actress Tatyana Ukharova were republished. Burkov’s records depict an image of an infantile, unfit for life person, a projector. Burkov wants to become an actor, director, writer, wants to create his own theater, wants to go into exile and travel across Russia, wants to “fight for peace and become a public figure … friendship of peoples, rapprochement (1962) or” write a series of novels “the life of my contemporaries” the main theme is the transformation of the USSR on the road to communism, “and then suddenly becomes an ardent anti-Soviet …” we live in a foreign land, our homeland was occupied by the Communists. ” All this is both touching and sad. He himself was – like a Pirandel character, wandering in search of the author. But – again luck – Burkov found this author in the person of Shukshin. “Makarych,” as he calls in his diary, saw in him his god-preserved hero. Therefore, the best roles Burkov played in Shukshin films. “He has a rare talent: a truly democratic, understandable to any viewer, and at the same time – smart and subtle … He is mindful of folk wisdom, wise folk wisdom … A miracle that such an actor can when he gets on his path,” wrote Shukshin.

"Oh, this is me, the intelligentsia!": Georgy Burkov would have turned 85C Vasily Shukshin, shooting pictures "Red viburnum", 1973.

The great “Makarych” and his death tied his “Jordon” to himself. The author is dead. His favorite hero was the first to discover his lifeless body.

Did he feel his illegitimacy towards the theater? Maybe that’s why he was angry in the diary, maybe that’s why he tried to be the best. And, probably, that’s why I was often ungrateful. “Time will pass … And Doronin will remember that she played with me in one play. Proudly”. And one day, after returning from rehearsals in the night, he announced to his wife – “Well, what I said, I’m in white, and you’re in shit.” She – did not reproach. The beauty, twice as young as Olga Budina in her best years, left everything and became Zhora’s second mother: “I did not do a career, but just followed him from the theater to the theater.”

"Oh, this is me, the intelligentsia!": Georgy Burkov would have turned 85By the anniversary of the actor in Perm, his diaries were republished.

He’s such a hero. Nytik, a sufferer, not a fighter, not a laborer, an infantile provincial white, a prince not on a white horse, but on a woman who will forever be in the shade and so on. But – here’s the paradox. Today on the screen are enough and courageous, and beautiful, and heroes. And there are no half-wits and philosopher Burkov. And because they are bored. And because they love. For what, like, like everyone else, but meanwhile – the only one.

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