Olga Anokhina: “How to wait for your prince”

Olga Anokhina: "How to wait for your prince"Olga Anokhina

“Marina gazed tenderly at the handsome, fair-haired boy, his eyes gleaming with love and warmth. “I love you,” she whispered. In response, he tenderly kissed her on the top of the head. Marina sighed happily and … woke up. The mood has sharply deteriorated. For several years she had been waiting for her prince of dreams … “

“Olga Mihailovna, my prophetic dream has come true! Can I come to you, see you, tell you how my life was? “- an unfamiliar female voice forced me to hesitate with an answer. “Of course, come!” – I finally said, feverishly trying to remember who was calling me. When I opened the front door, in my head a heap of memories swept fifteen years ago. I remembered her. Gentle blond girl Marina with blue eyes like the sky. Dreamy. And so sad! Then she came to beg me for help. The situation was, on the one hand, funny and simple, but not for her. The 25-year-old girl possessed a magical gift. Especially she did not use it. So, in detail: I could tell my friends if I should take up this or that, to predict what the weather will be in three days, in advance to know who is calling by phone. But she could not help herself: she did not give rest to sleep, which was repeated all the time. A few years ago, she and her friends were guessing at a betrothed. The ceremony was simple. After reading a certain conspiracy before going to sleep, the sorceress should have a dream of a beloved man, destined for her by fate itself. “I dreamed that I was walking along the seashore with a pretty blonde,” Marina told me at her first meeting. – We held hands, it was so nice and calm … I said how I love him, and he tenderly kissed me on the vertex. I woke up absolutely happy. But time passed, and I did not meet this young man. But the dream was repeated and repeated. And now I understand that I probably will not even meet him. Help me forget it … Or meet … I do not even know … “

Olga Anokhina: "How to wait for your prince"

“Prophetic dreams are a treacherous thing. Sometimes they show what really needs to happen, sometimes – which could, as one of the probabilities of the future. And sometimes what happens in another reality. I think you’re tired of living alone and want to find a soul mate. Will I lead a ritual that will help you in this? Marina agreed, especially since in her case it was enough for me to tell her what to do. “Open the window in the evening, light a candle and read these words:” You go to me, the falcon clear, not on one road, but on all at once, listen to the order. Here is my threshold, here you must be, then you must live. Slave of God, come to me, I stand before you, I wait for you. Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen”. Marina did everything, and about a month later reported that she met a nice guy, Viktor. “He, of course, is not a prince from my dream, but I feel so good, so cozy with him,” she said. A year later Victor and Marina played a wedding, I also attended it, but it turns out that it was just the beginning of this story. And the result was exactly our meeting 15 years after the events described …

“Remember, I’m all sad about the blonde from a dream? Then, after our meeting, I somehow completely forgot this prince from dreams. She married Victor, fell in love with him with all her heart. And recently we with all family: I, the husband and the son – have gone on the sea. My husband stayed in the room, and we decided to walk with Leszko before going to bed, to walk along the coast. I looked at my mature boy, his blond hair, like mine, with blue eyes, like that of my father, and experienced such an influx of tenderness and love! I stroked my son on the arm and whispered: “How I love you!” And he smiled in return and easily touched the lips of my head. My boy has long since outgrown me. Then I suddenly remembered that long-ago dream, because of which I was so worried. And finally I realized who was that beautiful prince and whom I’ve been waiting for all these years. “

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