On the mountains of China with a tent. Part 1

Xian-terracotta army-Huashan mountains

The idea to wander through the mountains of central China with a tent began with a chaotic acquisition of a ticket to Urumqi, as the nearest airport from Novosibirsk, and accordingly the cheapest air ticket to the Celestial Empire. I have issued a visa for a month and onwards.

After arriving in China, in the City of Urumqi, I take a train in a sleeping car to Xi’an to witness the legendary terracotta army and visit the blossoming Hua Shan mountains.

On the mountains of China with a tent. Part 1

So Xian: In the evening, on arrival, settled in bedbug, such as a budget privoshzalnoy private doss house. First, otfutbolili in a nearby expensive hotel, and then, seeing that I was through the chur, settled until morning. The next day he moved to a hostel in the old house-block.

On the mountains of China with a tent. Part 1

Two nights I lived in the old town by the fortress wall. Wandered through the shopping streets as a free museum. Stalls of paintings around and everything you need for painting and calligraphy, as well as inexpensive iron castings are also sold here.

On the mountains of China with a tent. Part 1

Today, a terracotta army, starting at 306 bus from Xi’an Railway Station, is planned. The scale of the excavation is amazing. Digging here since 1974 and until the very tomb of the emperor has not yet reached. The army itself still has to dig and dig. A beautiful monument and you can watch all the stages of the restoration of the figures. Souvenirs are immediately in abundance.

On the mountains of China with a tent. Part 1

After the army I went another 10 km on foot, then a good Chinese from the shop helped me to catch the bus to Wayne. Here I spent the night. Tomorrow on the morning bus from the railway station I’ll go to the mountains of Huashan.

Huashan. He traveled from Weinan for 17 yuan. The street that goes to the park is already pleased with the increased price tags for everything, tourists here are lazily waiting, just wide open the purse. The mountains themselves are not impressive at the approaches, the pearl is hidden by the turns of the canyon .. I’m buying a ticket150 ?. The weather is good, not hot.

On the mountains of China with a tent. Part 1

The farther along the path, the more beautiful the rounded layered slopes, sometimes similar to the lotus flowers, and are separated by authentic petals, it is understandable why the place was so fond of the Taoists. I spend the night under the eastern peak, a playground nearby, as it turned out in the zone of strong impulses of the rotor. I help a Chinese couple put a tent in a strong wind. At night it’s very cold in contrast to the valley, I do not have a sleeping bag, just a light down jacket that does not save much in the wind, I STOP THE STANDS AND THE WIND IS STRENGTHENING, I crawl out of the tent until the skeleton has broken. While shooting his, broke the frame of neighbors, I had to dig them out and help repair the frame until the tent itself was torn. The guy in gratitude treated me with a snicker and gave me a chemical hot-water bottle, seeing that I was without a sleeping bag. I waited until three in the morning, then I got ready and went to the eastern summit, there was a stream of people all night long to meet the dawn. I climbed up into this flea market, almost an hour before dawn. Wind, dubank and crowd to the people. He turned and walked through the central peak toward the south, judging that from there the view of the dawn was more beautiful, because the picture would have an eastern peak. And he did not lose his fortune, met the dawn alone, in a quiet, windless place, just above the golden heavenly palace of Jin Tian Palas.

On the most beautiful southern peak, a round black and white symbol Yin Yan, very associative, is knocked out. How beautiful the mountains of this holy place are, as are the people who live along the paths of the mountain park. The situation is not typical for China, when holidaymakers are dragging trunks with food and water, because the local jerk the six ends. Doshirak on top costs 200 rubles, all the curtain and boiling water for money. How lazy and indifferent are the people who are smoking their ungrateful karma on the road paved with money, so others are open, walking this hard path. Young couples, families supporting their grandparents, sometimes moving in steep places on four points of support.

On the mountains of China with a tent. Part 1

Five peaks, like the fingers of a spreading giant palm, are dispensed on foot in one day. I periodically work as a Saturday white monkey – I take pictures with those who ask, sometimes I get into the frame myself when the companies shoot some flash mobs, I communicate as much as I miss my Chinese, surprising the Aborigines that it turns out that Laoway knows how to speak human language. To those with whom I communicated, I presented the TRP badges of the second degree, for taking the five Taoist peaks.

Xian teenagers gave to feed from their electric cans my gluttonous uncle Jobs’s uncle, who sat exactly on the most beautiful peak of the park. Neither before nor later.

Weinan. After I bought a pancake with stuffing in a stall at the wheels of real turmoil in the night station, and fiddled with a very colorful bull-boy who rolled the dough with powerful blows against the stall. I go, I bite into a delicious analogue of Chinese hot dog-baked in a tandyr loaf with fillings to choose from, to which you put your finger. I have two kinds of sprouted greens, a sausage, an egg, a green onion and a sweet sauce, all roasted on a brazier and tucked into a cake. It is impossible to come off. I go, then murch, and suddenly I see a fellow motorcyclist, tormenting kick kick starter. I come off with difficulty from the cake and say Stop! I now help BANGHA, I think for anyone, he has already filled a candle, I open full gas for him, the good his scooter stands on the central step, the dude in fucking, shows by gesture that it is impossible so. I told him, calmly, I’m in the subject, you kick kick, show, do not fuss. Proventillion and wound up as a pretty. That’s it, I say and again I take on a cake. In the hotel, I went for boiling water, so my hosts sat me at the reception and let me rub my life. as Russia, as a family, a house work, all business. I show pictures, I wonder how they live, half the evening chatted on the “Han Yue, sometimes they were brought in, and I sometimes did not understand everything, but the practice is very good. To the Russians, they are treated well everywhere, seeing me, white laovaya, ask from which country. When they hear that Russian, they smile with friendliness.

Valentin Zyuzyuk.

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