Petrov, Samburskaya – what is the phenomenon of their unhealthy popularity?

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Kind time of the day for all the gossips!

Recently, on our blue screen is becoming more and more actor Alexander Petrov. Just stopped advertising the already annoying movie "Gogol. Wii", as the information appeared that Petrov plays the film about the Great Patriotic War (film "T-34"). It would seem that there is something like this, and that’s how they are fulfilling the plan. But just two years ago, Petrov scoffed at the show "Dancing with the Stars" – he performed a dance in the form of a fascist, naturally, provoking a flurry of criticism, and absolutely fair and justified.

People actively resented the Internet, all the news portals, sort of like, also condemned the number. It seems to me that after such a disgrace, disrespect for the Veterans (and this was almost the day before the Victory Day), the actor was to be boycotted, he was to stop inviting to film, participate in programs. And what in the end? The number of his works has grown, constantly twisting advertising with him, then another film, his personal dramatic show, something else. In general, they push Petrova into all the cracks. NV Gogol is unpleasant – everything looks like a cheap horror film, if they took the responsibility to shoot a movie about a great writer – do it with dignity and take on the main role of an actor with a normal reputation. In the light of everything that’s happening, I have a question: do you really do not value their reputation? Especially, I repeat, I’m jarred by his participation in the film about the war, because of his number in the "Dance" one can see his real attitude towards fascism. Why not just ignore him after all this? That would be fair. And then there is some strange dissonance: federal channels, speaking about May 9, add:"The main holiday of the country"Sasha Petrov always looks at us on the same channels, which he remembered most of his vile, propagandizing fascism, number.

Now the second heroine of the post is actress Nastasya Samburskaya. The name of this girl appears in some scandals. The other day there were posts that her "beaten", and, lying on a hospital bed, she manages to advertise the bracelet. Without reading about the bracelet, I first thought that Nastasya was really beaten, it’s clear that it was people who were buying money. And then a shock from the fact that it seems to be another "joke". Correctly someone remembered the parable about the boy who shouted:"Wolves, wolves!". But then she at at least "jokes" above herself, but how she constantly insults people. He wants them in his instagram, so that everyone in the family has cancer, get under Kamaz. There are no words … But it’s more true that Nastasya’s subscribers are 9.3 million (for comparison, another Russian woman – Natalia Vodianova – 1.6 million, and she is a well-known model all over the world). What is known about Samburskaya, constant scoldings and scandals? Who are all these people in her instagram? She, of course, is a really beautiful girl by nature, she can watch her pictures, but her life is like garbage. Is all this negative to its subscribers?

I rolled this post for the sake of mockery of these people, I just really do not understand why they are so popular. They behave, frankly, ugly, but their popularity only grows. Or in the struggle for popularity, all means are good, but you still need to remain a normal person …

Thank you you all for attention! It will be interesting to listen to your opinion!

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