Sharon Stone: “I lost one child after another”

Sharon stone

Sharon is now experiencing, in her words, almost the best period of her difficult life. After the break, she again shines in the movies and on television, and her 60-year-old actress was on the beach in the company of a young boyfriend, for whom, they say, is going to get married.

The gift for the jubilee is not only the new lover (and Sharon has been alone for a long time) but also the main roles in the television series of the famous director Stephen Soderbergh and in the romantic comedy (originally for her in the fact that Stone got the main role – daughter – and the work of the producer!). And also – the love of three sons (the older Roan is 17, Laard is 12, Quinn is 11), the beautiful house that she was rebuilt and turned into an elegant chateau. In a word, it is still the same. And yes – still a sex symbol!

"Sharon, we too, may we are late, congratulations on your anniversary!"

"Oh, it was the most amazing birthday of my life!" The boys together with their godparents gave me a fantastic party, and the next day the best friend organized a hen party, and as a result – a terrible hangover the next morning! (Laughs.) And then I went to Miami, to the beach, with my friend (Angelo Boffa, a successful seller of real estate.) Sharon meets with him for six months, and recently on her finger appeared a "suspicious" kind of ring with a huge diamond. Ed.). It was necessary to rest a little. Seriously, I was afraid that this figure was 60! – I will be hit hard on the head, about as if you are driving in Mulholland Drive on and on a sharp turn the car flies to the very edge of the cliff and you under a pile of stones. But it seems that I’m softly landed on the field of tenderness and love … Love. So much love in my life, and it’s so touching and beautiful … So beautiful … (Sharon looks like a tear welling up.)

– Less than a year ago you said that you do not especially believe in love, do not look for it and are too busy for dates …

– Right. I still do not believe that the search for love leads to the fact that you find it. Love is magic, magic, and it is in such a magical way that it appears and enters into your life. Not many men are ready to meet the mother of three boys. After all, this means that "in the course of the play," the lover will have to become a daddy. Such thoughts and forced me to consciously leave the "love sport." A pretense in a relationship is meaningless. As a result, I began to receive a true, not having a second bottom, love and care from family and friends. Now I hope that the magic has happened. Read more "

Sharon stone

– You’ve had a period before, when after a crazy success you stopped filming …

– Yes, it happened after I was completely dead in 2001. I then, after a terrible stroke, was almost miraculously scrambled. For two years I came to myself, I learned how to walk, talk, write again. I was busy with charity work, I was not up to shooting. For several years I have revised the attitude to the cinema and to my place in it. My agent and I decided that I should play character heroines, not someone’s love interest. However, my younger sister always claimed that my moral compass points north.

Sometimes it seems to me that it was just slightly covered in rust! (Laughs.) Still, I come from Pennsylvania, the typical staff of the so-called blue-collar workers, the lower border of the middle class. Conservatism, routine, in general, it is useful for me to portray slightly nuts, with the moron of characters – free and irrepressible. In any case, after I began shooting again, I did not want to leave for more than two weeks with my boys. I had to make more than one choice at that time

"Then you had a six-year-old Roan, a year-old Laird and Quinn, who was barely born …"

– Yes, but we adopted the eldest son with my husband Phil Bronstein, and after the divorce in 2004 he managed to win the custody of Roan. Then I myself adopted Laird – in 2005 and Quinn – in 2006. In addition, Rohan came to me once a month, and we remained a family, although he studied and lived in San Francisco, where his father was. Yes, I confess, it was not easy for me to return to the profession.

Not all the doors in front of me. And certainly there were very few who held them at sight of me and let them go ahead. (Smiling.) But I’m happy that I have my children. We have an amazing nanny – with a university diploma on the theme of early childhood development. The boys adore her, and she – them. Of course, her presence is very helpful, because children need constant care and attention. There is also a whole, as I say, a brigade of godfathers who have always been present in the lives of children. All my girlfriends do not like the soul in boys. In general, a large, friendly and fun family. Happy, the most important. Read more "

Sharon Stone with his sons Roan, Laird and Quinn

– You recently played in Steven Soderbergh’s mini-series "Mosaic" the main thing. The script was written specifically for you – for your charisma, the ability to easily escape from the prescribed boundaries, the talent of the comedian actress. And yet this television did not embarrass the fact of the big movie star?

– Stephen Soderbergh, it makes no sense to ponder. I was I do not know my trailer, but even a chair with my name! Well no, guys, to hell with him, with the trailer, he does not need me for nothing, but without my chair, I, the famous actress, do not intend to do it! You give it up! (Laughs) I’m a good soldier. Would be a brave general, and everything will be fine. When the general is a fig, and I, alas, had such, it can be seen right away …

– How do you feel about the movement of actresses, how to use them in the film industry and force them to have sex?

– When I was recently mocked by one talk show host, when quite seriously asked. I laughed until I cried and could not stop. Oh my God! I came into this business 40 years ago! The former model, the blonde! From nowhere! Without ties and support! Yes, I saw everything in the world! Is this not obvious? Therefore, I, of course, admire the actresses who were not afraid to launch a campaign against all these vileness. Reese Witherspoon is my heroine. After all, it was one of the first to organize a movement, which is joined every day by more and more people. And already there are tremendous changes in the system of relations between the actresses.

Until now it was like this: everyone knew who slept with who, with whose husband and whose lover, when this happened, and with that, and all in that spirit. Men believed that in the process of their idolization, we madly liked to hate and tamper one another. And now on the court or on the red carpet, my colleague and I can afford a friendly and honest conversation about the problems, express our sympathy openly, finally! Until recently, it was absolutely impossible to do it! Me with my sharp tongue and independent character was always warned: "Do not do this. Do not say that. That person can be jealous of you, and they will have problems with you "… All this was planted and blossomed with a violent color – there was not even a hint of friendly alliances between the actresses! But the genie was out of the bottle, and now you can not drive it there. I believe that men should learn how to apologize publicly.

Personally, I’m ready to accept their apologies if they are done with the proper respect, and is ready to respect the courage of these men. But I do not want to lose all beauty and charm of flirting in the process of present changes. Personally, I, for example, are desperately flirting with the 80-year-old. And I know that this flirtation gives him a good mood for the whole day! We must not forget how much joy these games bring to our lives. Of course, I do not want anyone to grab my chest. But I will not make a drama from the fact that someone pats me in the pope. You can not exclude sexual games from reality. Is not that one of the reasons that raises us in the morning from bed? Read more "

Sharon Stone with beloved man Angelo Boffa

– You are really unique: fire, water and copper pipes passed – and remained yourself

"It’s just that I finally found myself." Believe me, when I was still living with my parents, brothers and sisters in Pennsylvania, it never happened to me that I was pretty. Parents in the winter asked me to get out of the window snow at the front door. In the summer – cut the lawn. To paint a barn, a barn or a stable. New dresses, shoes or books somehow were not our topic for conversation. Once, however, I was ashamed of my teenage "myopia." Going to rehearse the prom in a brand new dress, I suddenly saw a huge hole in my mother’s stocking, escorting me at the door. And somehow I realized that we are not rich at all, and there are no superfluous money. Although by local standards, we were considered a wealthy family. We had a farmhouse with a stream running through our land and a ravine. My father worked on the railway, earning 14 thousand dollars a year. Mom was a wonderful hostess, grew vegetables and fruits in the garden and garden, made a huge number of workpieces for the winter. Parents worked hard and we were accustomed to this. But we were successful only in comparison with those who worked from bread to water, you know?

After winning the model contest, I was ashamed of the scar on my neck. I fell off the horse as a teenager. And only thanks to the costume designer of the movie "Basic Instinct" Ellen Mirounik I learned how to dress properly. When I saw myself on the screen, I could not believe my eyes. Is this really me? .. This film, of course, played a huge role in my life, in all senses … Paul Verhoeven, director of "Basic Instinct", first of all said that nobody "does not want to" me at the studio. I had to prove my attractiveness. And I strangled in myself a "chicken", of all.

I was free from the desire to please and please everyone. I learned this lesson and the example of my personal life. In marriage with Phil Bronstein, I was very very to please his intellectual friends, for some time left my career, because Phil did not like my absences for shooting, my glory … But six years later we all divorced. He allowed himself complete freedom, but I could lose myself … good. We need to protect ourselves as much as we can, the rest is just fiction, fables, the blue sky …

Sharon stone

– You look incredible. Do you have the secrets of beauty?

– I cut myself, for example. (Laughs.) One French hairdresser taught. Lift all the hair up and cut off the tips … Graduated haircut, ladder – call it what you want, but this simple trick. Sometimes, when I nevertheless cut the stylists in the salon, they complain: "Who did this to you?" (Laughs.) I do not eat foods such as sausages, sausages. I do not drink coffee and all drinks with caffeine. Very rarely I drink alcohol or soda. I can not eat anything that contains gluten, for medical reasons. But I eat meat and dark chocolate. What else? Pilates. I have all the gyms at home, I go to the hall only occasionally in the mood. I can dance to music until I’m completely stupid, or rather, clearing my brains. (Laughs.)

It sounds pummeled, but I believe: all the beauty within us. That’s why it’s good to practice some kind of philosophy that suits you, in order to maintain balance within yourself. For me it’s Buddhism. Helps to concentrate, keep beauty and peace of mind. As for the plastic and all these endless "do not need", I believe that if you want to do a lift. I want to inject botox-colitis. Although it is wrong to turn out to be something like a fish, like a carp: it is desirable to remain like a human being. (Laughs.) But this is my opinion, and no one is obliged to follow it. This is your face, your body, your creative aspirations and daring, and you decide. I also like the steam room. Recently we have finished the repair in the house. And now every bathroom has a steam room. Both I and the boys adore this occupation.

– Is it true that you are well versed in design?

– I just really love my house. I had to buy it in 1992 after the release of the "Basic Instinct" screens. I did not expect that such a madhouse would begin around my person. Crowds of crazy fans tried to penetrate my then modest home. The police had to be on duty around the clock. And one day I was secretly transported by the police car to the hotel, allowing to collect only the necessary things, and ordered to urgently find a house with a gate, a fence, a guarded territory, equipped with safety devices. So I bought this mansion, he is 25 years old. And when she decided to reconstruct it in the style of the European chateau, she invited a restorer. Facing, frames, fireplaces, profiles, stucco – all the architectural details were selected so as to create a sense of antiquity. Read more "

Sharon stone

– Is there something that you most regret?

– I would like to have more children. If my husband showed more enthusiasm in this matter, we could adopt another child. Or two. Unfortunately, I could not tolerate any – I lost all … Then, during the process of divorce, I had a chance to adopt four twins at once! But the lawyer, I conceded, that this would surely be deprived of the opportunity to get custody of our son. I was very worried. After all, I understood well that there are very few people who want to take four kids. As a result, they were adopted one by one. In general, this sad thought haunts me so far. And I’m fucking mad at myself and regret that I succumbed to the lawyer’s entreaties. These people in our system are absolutely soulless. Yes, after the divorce, I managed to adopt two teenagers, but I still think that I was made a terrible mistake. I want to say: do what seems right to you. Nobody still knows what will happen and how life will turn. Therefore, I recommend that everyone always listen only to their heart, their instincts and just move forward.

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