Sister Yegor Creed criticized Darya Klyukin on the Web!

Sister Yegor Creed criticized Darya Klyukin on the Web!

Sister Yegor Creed (24) attacked the star of the show “Bach” by Daria Klyukin (24).

Polina Bulatkina (27) during her live broadcast to Instagram once again stressed that she does not believe in the sincerity of the main favorite of the season.

Recall, in the last series of the show “Bach” the singer introduced the participants to his parents and sister. The least of all Bach’s family was impressed by Daria Klyukina, whom the fans of the show prophesied victory. Both parents and sister told Egor that they did not believe in Dasha’s sincerity. However, Creed did not listen to them and decided to say goodbye to Galina Chiblis (20), leaving Darya Klukin and Victoria Korotkov in the finals.

Sister Yegor Creed criticized Darya Klyukin on the Web!

After the release of the broadcast, Bach’s sister Polina Bulatkina was bombarded with questions in the comments to Instagram: “And how is Dasha to you? Why did not you like it? “; “You have no right to decide for Egor! Why did you set him up against Dasha? ” After that, Polina decided to arrange a live broadcast and share what was not included in the installed version of the program.

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“She is the only participant who, instead of cooking, absolutely forgot about everything. I stood roasting mushrooms, she never came up and did not check the dish. Well, no interest on her part! Although it was my brother’s favorite dish! In contrast to the other two girls who tried to cook something that my brother would have liked, she did not do it. She gave it to me and my mother, “Polina said.

And Polina was shocked when she heard in the last series how Dasha called Victoria Korotkov “an accessory for men.” “Here, guys, tell me, please, a man whom you call” absolutely sincere, kind and wonderful … “How could such a person say about the girl that spent two months in the same house, smiling at her face, trying to sound all so kind , that she is an accessory for men? I did not say anything about any of the girls. I believe that this is an absolutely ungrounded opinion. It’s just an insult to a person. And for me these words were a shock. But again, a confirmation of what I felt in a man, “- Bulatkina indignant.

Polina believes that the best girl on the project for her brother was Galina Chiblis. “I liked her very much. It’s a pity that our eyes and Egor did not coincide, “- summed up Bachelor’s sister.

Sister Yegor Creed criticized Darya Klyukin on the Web!

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