“There’s a Russian spirit … there’s Rus smells!” – this line of Pushkin is written about the Solovetsky Islands, about the famous Solovki … For any Russian person, Solovki is not just a place on the map, not just an island, not just the largest archipelago of the White Sea.

This is one of the most namolennye places of Russian Orthodoxy, where for centuries the “Russian spirit” that was so well-tempered, so familiar to all the enemies of Russia … Just imagine what an incredible amount of human feats and tragedies, betrayals and deaths have seen in their history these hills, lakes and canals !!

The first Russian colonists settled on the islands around the 12th century, and already in the 15th century this severe winter, but the fertile summer from all over Russia began to gather monks and hermits, and it was through their efforts that the stone walls of the monastery were built. Their thickness is from 5 to 7 meters!

Of course, they defended not only from wind and cold – during the wars the monastery became an impregnable and formidable fortress. And when the walls could not help out, inexplicable miracles came to the rescue, as, for example, in July 1854, during the Crimean War with the British. AT

Within 9 hours, 120 cannons fired upon the monastery, but wounded only the seagull, spoiled one icon and scared the locals.

The monks did not suffer, though the whole shelling and went around the cross around the monastery. What is this, if not a miracle? And the birch, whose branches form the right cross? And everything would be fine, but in the place where this birch grew, in the 20s of the last century buried monks were buried and crosses were forbidden to put under the fear of execution!

The cross was posed by nature itself, one cross on all those killed … And how many known cases of getting rid of various ills, and not only from pilgrims, many of whom go there for that, but also for secular tourists? So do not be surprised if on Solovki you cease to be tormented by headaches or old sores will heal-such is the air filled with prayers … But enough about miracles, let’s talk about the mundane.


There are no asphalted roads on Solovki – asphalt does not take root there – and, walking along local paths and stepping on ancient stones, know that Peter I was attacked on these very stones, which happened here many times. Or the famous writer Valentin Pikul, who studied here during the war in the Jung school. Or the scientist Dmitry Likhachev and the writer Maxim Gorky – he served his first term here, the second came to write an essay about the camp.

Yes, there is such a terrible page in the history of the Solovetsky Islands as Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp (SLON), later converted to the Solovetsky Special Purpose Prison (STON). A talking name, is not it? The islands are very interesting museum, dedicated to these two terrible organizations. In fairness, I must say that as a prison Solovetsky monastery was used even during the time of Ivan the Terrible, so this is not at all an invention of Soviet power …


Well, if a fresh Solovki wind during your many hours of walking awakened your appetite, be sure to try the Solovki herring with monastic bread! And pay for a treat 500-ruble note – leave Solovki on Solovki. After all, on the reverse side of the five-tonube, Solovetsky Monastery is represented …

And after a hearty meal – if there is enough courage, of course – plunge into the White Sea. It is believed that if you want to find happiness, you need to bathe in all the “colored” seas in your life. Although from the Solovetsky Islands, everyone is already happy – the Solovki winds blow out everything bad and unhappy from a person …

And women come back not only happy, but also younger – this is helped by the miraculous cosmetics of the algae plant.

And do not be afraid to become sober.

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