Stars that have been deprived of parental rights

Separation from the child is a tragedy for the mother or father. Woman’s Day found out what celebrities had to face such a situation in their lives.

Anna Sedokova

– Now my greatest pain is Monica, – the singer, recently told about her problem in an interview with the magazine "Antenna-Telesem". – For eight months now, I have no opportunity to communicate with her normally, just to be around.

She is about the second daughter of Sedokova, 6-year-old Monica, from her ex-husband Maxim Chernyavsky. Also, Anna has a 13-year-old daughter Alina from her first marriage with a football player Valentin Belkevich and one-year-old son Hector from businessman Artem Komarov, with whom the singer parted soon after birth.

"Her father, the person I trusted, went to war with me," Anna continues. – Maxim has decided to do the deed of the maternal rights, and I absolutely do not understand why. I never forbade him to see my daughter, take her. Maxim and his grandmother took Monica to America and went to court. The main thing was that I was just the grandmother. They said that I’m dangerous for the child, I can take her to Russia. And since there is no pact between the United States and America about the Hague Convention, there is a risk for Monica, as for a US citizen, that I will not give her. I was attacked by the system, the most expensive lawyers.

Now I can meet with the child, go with her to the movies only in the presence of the overseer, I must speak with my daughter only in English. And Monica does not know him well, does not understand why, mom behaves this way, why we are not together, and I do not want to explain it to her. My daughter has a phone for a long time. Only recently I got the opportunity to call Maxim’s grandmother’s number. My daughter says to me: "Mom, I so want to return to the past!" I know that she loves me insanely, we have an incredible connection. And this situation only strengthened it. All that I just earn, I spend on lawyers. I will fight for Monica. But in order to pay for lawyers, I have to earn. A lot of. On the part of Maxim. And I also have to pay. I have accounts for 50 – 60 thousand dollars. An hour of legal work costs. So I sing funny songs and fight for my child.

I decided to tell this for the first time, because I want to give strength to all women who are in similar situations. Silence is impossible, no matter how terrible it is! I want mothers who, just like me, were left alone with the children in their arms, did not despair and did not lower their hands. This is not a catastrophe. We must be strong, because we have the main thing. And that’s why we are not alone.

Britney Spears

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The singer fled from the reels in 2008, after a divorce from the dancer Kevin Federline, from which she gave birth to two sons. On the disorder in their personal lives, overlapped by professional failures (“The Blackout”, released in the same year, it proved to be the breakthrough of sales of her career), and Britney was fascinated by alcohol and drugs, drove the car drunk, and even shaved his head bald. In the same year, the court listened to the arguments of a lawyer. Kevin and the deceased the singer of custody of the children. , She was recognized as the incompetent, the guardian of the singer was appointed her father for several months. However, Britney soon came to herself, and custody of children with the ex-husband they have now common.

Charlie Sheen

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The actor is known for his inadequate behavior. One evening, police came to his house and took his sons. The wife of Brooke Muller, with whom the actor was just getting divorced. However, Brooke did not help her, she did not get help from drugs.

Kelly rutherford

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Star of TV series "Gossip Girl" has lost custody as a result of a divorce with her husband, businessman Daniel Hirsch, who was able to prove to the court that the children would be better off with him in France, where, in spite of all the protests of his wife, and took them. Kelly did everything she could – even collected 10,000 signatures and sent a petition to the White House, but nothing helped.

Courtney Love

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Widow Kurt Cobain is deprived of parental rights more than once, and once even at the request of her daughter Fran├žaise, and for the first time – just after her birth. And all because of drugs – in 1992, Courtney almost took a daughter out of allegations of death in the course of pregnancy. The right to guardianship was then received by Courtney’s mother, but for a short while, just a few months later, Franzes became an adult.


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The singer sued the right of one-sided custody of two sons from the wife of Tameki Foster in a divorce, saying in court that his wife was threatening his life, and that she could not take care of children because of emotional instability. Tameka was given the right to visit children, but it was not specified on what terms.

Christina and Denis at the awarding of the "MuzTV" in 2014

The conflict between the singer and businessman Ruslan Baisarov over their 11-year-old son Denis flared up in the summer of 2009, when the father did not return the mother of the child after the summer holidays. After the District Court in Grozny ruled that the boy should live with her father allegedly due to the fact that the mother wanted to take him to the United States, a conflict is connected and the star’s grandmother "Let them talk" to get to the right of the daughters.

After months of litigation, Christina even took part in hearings in the State, mutual agreements and reproaches, the parties eventually resolved the conflict and signed an amicable agreement.

Dana Borisova

Photo: @danaborisova_official

The TV presenter has been deprived of parental rights as a result of parting by her former civil husband Maxim Aksenov received a full custody of their 9-year-old daughter Polina with Dana. Even Dane did not help influential lawyers.

"At this moment, when I write these lines, I feel sadness, sadness, and some detachment, because I just talked with my lawyer. Yevgeny Tonkikh about the definition of the place where Polina lived. From now on, I will be able to see her only from 14:00 to 15:00 in the presence of my father, "Dana wrote in her microblog in June last year.

"Given the situation in which I turned out, for many reasons, this option is probably the best, because now I have every chance to change the future and my own, and Pauline. At least, I do everything in my power for this! If I was in Moscow, I confess, I do not know what was happening to me now. I discussed all this on the group and got support, "the TV presenter, who was at a rehab center in Thailand, admitted at the time.

Lisa Bonet

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The actress lost her custody of Zoya’s daughter, which she gave birth to the singer Leni Kravica, and at the request of Zoya-she was 11 years old when she wanted to live with her father all the time. The court was her mother during the summer holidays.

Drew Barrymore

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No, the actress was not a child of deprived of parental rights in relation to her own children, but she she lived right away such rights of her parents when she was only 15 years old. However, it was only about the mother – by 1990, Drew’s father, who had been alcoholic, had not lived with them for six years. And Drew, having started to be removed at the age of 10, by age 13 has already tried all forbidden pleasures, having also received in the narcological clinic. But by the time she was 15 she had grown up so much that she got rid of parental care, got stuck with forbidden substances and switched to adult roles.

Sharon stone

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The actress and her then-husband, publisher Phil Bronstein adopted a boy, but a divorce in 2008, the court sided with the father and listened to his arguments, they say, the mother will not be able to ensure the child’s proper education young , but he can. Already in a divorce, Sharon adopted two more boys.

With Nikolai in 2016

The drama in the life of the producer happened in 2007 – Yana’s husband, billionaire Viktor Baturin, took her sons from her. The eldest, Andrey, was at the couple’s reception, and the younger one, Nikolai – with the joint. Yana, in her own words "through 200 courts", defending the right to educate children.

In an interview with Elle magazine Rudkovskaya told: "I sometimes had no idea where the children were. Changing addresses, phone numbers … It is not until now that Eugene (Plushenko future husband Rudkovsky -. Note, Took the silver in Vancouver and seeing my desperate situation, does not apply directly for assistance to Dmitry Anatoly Medvedev, who was then president. And things have moved. "

As a result, in 2010, the former spouses (the couple divorced in April 2008) signed a peace agreement on the joint education of children. In 2013, on charges of fraud, Viktor Baturin was sentenced to 7 years, but was released ahead of schedule in 2016, with the replacement of the remaining term with a fine.

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The singer lost her sole custody after her 16-year-old son Rocco got together and said that he wants to move to London to his father – British filmmaker Guy Ritchie. Lost, of course, not only because Rocco so wanted. There were several court hearings, as a result of which the teenager was given the right to choose. Apparently, the guy wanted: his mother brought him up in severity and forbade much, but his father felt freer. Even too loosely, which immediately confirmed – soon after moving to 2016 Rocco was caught by a London policeman with marijuana in his pockets. For the first time he was forgiven, and Dad took his education and insisted that his son get a job. So the son of Madonna is now a courier, travels around London on a bicycle and carrying important documents.

Photo: AndreaFarias

The Brazilian actress in the late 90’s for three years was for the drug addiction, having lost the time to raise the only son of Gabriel. However, Vera’s addiction was defeated in 2000 – she was returned to her son, and her career went uphill again – first there was a successful series "Family Ties", and then "Clone", thanks to which she became a star not only in Brazil.

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Formally, the rock singer was not at all the deprived of parental rights; He first became a father in 17 years, his girlfriend Samantha was the same. The girl gave the newborn daughter Sarah for adoption, and Rod for a long time. They are only in the late 80’s, but really got closer in 2008. By the way, Sarah is seven years older than the current wife of Stuart, and all in all, the singer has eight children.

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The Irish singer has four children from four different men, but her rights were denied to the youngest – 13-year-old son Shane. The reason is the bipolar personality disorder and the prolonged depression, which became known after she had been published on the Facebook page that she was desperately taking a lethal dose of medication and dying in one of the Dublin hotels. The singer was then found unconscious and rescued, but the right to raise her son was stripped.

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