The Beatles – Revolver: 11 facts

The Beatles - Revolver: 11 factsRelease Type: Album / 190

  1. The recording of the album lasted from April 6 to June 22, 1966. Initially, the band planned to work on a record in America, but because of sky-high prices for renting rooms and tools, it was decided to stay in London, in the legendary studio on Abby Road.
  2. The name of the record is often translated as “Revolver”, however, according to biographer Beatles Barry Miles, it was not a weapon, but “something that rotates as a plate” (from the verve revolve – “spinning”).
  3. The creator of the cover of the album, which, by the way, does not have the band’s name, is Klaus Faormann, a British artist and musician, who in 1966-1969 played bass in the band Manfred Mann.
  4. During the recording of Revolver, the musicians used a variety of innovative solutions, including artificial voice overlay, sound recording in the opposite direction, the use of looped tapes, and recording vocals with the help of a Leslie loudspeaker with a rotating speaker. It was with this device that John Lennon’s pulsating vocals were recorded in the song Tomorrow Never Knows.
  5. Significant development on this album received a narcotic theme, partly caused by a heave toward psychedelic rock. For example, a song She Said, She Said Lennon composed after a conversation with the film actor Peter Fonda, held during the LSD trip, in the composition of Dr Robert there is the first frank mention of drugs, and the song Got To Get You Into My Life, recorded by Paul McCartney in a style close to soul, is, by his own admission, an ode to marijuana.
  6. Tomorrow Never Knows, perhaps the most psychedelic and mysterious thing on the album, was written by Lennon after reading the Psychedelic Experiment by Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert and Ralph Metzner (a guide to the practical use of psychedelic drugs), based in turn on the texts of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
  7. For a long time there were several versions about who is the prototype of the main character of the song Dr. Robert (a kind doctor who supplies people with “wheels”). Lennon considered the song autobiographical, but in addition to him, there were several candidates, including the notorious Bob Dylan, who first introduced Beatles to “grass”. However, as McCartney said, the creation of the song was inspired by the story of a certain Robert Freymann, who injected a significant dose of amphetamine to his patients by injecting vitamin B12.
  8. Step away from such an ambiguous topic and turn to the old-good song Yellow Submarine, which everyone knows well, including through the cartoon film of the same name, filmed two years later. A lot of people took part in the recording of the refrain of the Yellow Submarine, among them Beatles producer George Martin, their roadway Neil Espinoll, Harrison’s wife Patty Boyd, Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones and famous British folk singer Donovan. He also owns the line “Sky of blue and sea of ​​green / In our yellow submarine “.
  9. The full namesake of the heroine of the song Eleanor Rigby lived in Liverpool; she was born in 1895 and died October 10, 1939 at the age of 44 years.
  10. After the release of the album, The Beatles went on a tour that was the last for the band: in the future, against the backdrop of hysteria caused by Lennon’s imprudent words that the Beatles are more popular than Christ, a fateful decision will be made to abandon concerts and focus exclusively on studio work. Curiously, due to a number of technical difficulties, none of the songs from the new album were performed during this tour.
  11. The official newspaper of the Vatican (!) L’Osservatore Romano recognized Revolver as the best album in the history of rock and pop music. According to Rolling Stone, in the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time this record took second place.

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