The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartments

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartments

The main character of the dining room is … a good company. And, of course, a table, for which it is convenient for everyone to gather. Form, material, silhouette, capacity – everything matters in it.

Oitoemponto: Arthur Miranda, Jacques Beck. Villa in Porto. Handmade De Gournay wallpapers have defined a palette. Black and white work by S. Short adds a classical note to the classical environment.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartments

For a long time the designer’s favorite color was emerald green, but now it looks like he was replaced by blue. The style of the chairs Goldfinger Adler defines as Minimalist Comfort, chandeliers Milano – Contemporary Classic. Table Caracas: brass and rosewood.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartments

The project of Olga Malyeva. The Oly Studio table. Chairs of the 1970s., Diz. M. Boman, upholstered in the fabric of the brand Kravet. Italian chandelier, diz. A. Seguzo (1960’s), has more than 100 pendants made of Murano glass. On the wall is the abstraction of P. Bronfin.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartmentsLana Grineva, Head of the Bureau P H. D. Apartments in the house “Arthouse”, Moscow. Canteen. Strato kitchen, Liebherr appliances, Christian Liaigre chairs, Moissonnier table. Floor and ceiling beams Ebony and Co. Columns and paintings: art work to order.

Apartment Didier Gomez. View from the dining room to the kitchen. The island is made to order from dark concrete under the sketches of D. Gomez. The kitchen countertop and the floor are also made of concrete, only light. Chairs from metal, diz. K. Piye. Three sconces, diz. F. Nigro for Cinna.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartments

Apartment Tristana Oera. Living room and dining room form a common space. Around the table chairs Superleggera, diz. J. Ponti. On the wall is a textile panel made of silk jacquard Dedar, photos by K. Molly.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartments

Stephanie Kuta. Table Mikado, diz. S. Kuta: marble countertop. Minotti chairs. In the mirror wall, a screen is mounted that demonstrates the Digital Shark video from Moving Design. On the wall of the photo of M. Scholler Jeff Koons with Floral Headpiece.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartmentsOlga Freiman. For the living room walls, a gray-green color is chosen, in addition there is a lot of bronze in the interior, which has a greenish outflow. This shade combined the space.

Studio Liturinsky & Leost. Marble grade Egeo Ondulato for sex was brought from Italy. He is calm in tone, smart on schedule. Around the sculptural table Giuliano chairs Opera Contemporary. Chandeliers of Eichholtz.

In the dining room area, vintage chandeliers of crystal and metal attract attention.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartmentsThe American dining designer Chad James considers it his luck: it’s cozy here, but you can feel the great style of the huge house. A pair of black metal chandeliers emphasizes the style of the room.

Villa in Beverly Hills. Designer Jamie Bush. The DeMarco table, KGBL of marble is surrounded by vintage chairs made of amaranth, diz. A. Savigny, in leather upholstery. Left photo by K. Opie. The wall is faced with ebony. Chandelier Lindsey Adelman.

Nancy Gabriel: 500-meter apartments in Beirut. Designer Gregory Gatserelia. The dining table is made to order by G. Gatserelia from polished stainless steel. Around him chairs Robert Hass Armchairs, the author – F. Ikili. Vase, diz. K. Shekerzhyan.

Architect Claude Misir. Project in Beirut. A table with a metal base and a lacquered countertop is a special design by K. Missir. Chairs PK 9, Diz. P. Kierholm. Luminaire Triple Black Light, Diz. R. and E. Buruluk. Kitchen Etamco.

Installation of a light company Bocci together with an antique dealer Mallett in Ely House. London.

Katerina Lashmanova. The kitchen, made by the Moscow masters, was ideally blended into the front half of the house. White modules frame a panel of marble, from the same stone a countertop is made. The Sofa Chair & Chair.

Kelly’s house and Gerald Ford in Texas. Table made of mahogany, diz. K. Kelly. The chairs of the era of Louis XVI are flocked. Striped Carpet J.D. Staron.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartmentsThe dining room displays neoclassical decoration. The luminaires are designed by K. Kelly and executed in Syria. The painting of walls with motifs of Malaysian icicles and a mirror in the form of a solar circle fill the dining room with dynamics and brilliance.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartmentsThe project of Alexander de Garidel. A large dining room is located next to the kitchen. On the wall wallpaper, call. Safari, de Gournay. The chairs are upholstered in crocodile skin, Mis en Demeure.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartmentsNigel Coates. house in Tuscany. Winter dining room. The furnishings are the Crusty table and the Loop chairs, Diz. N. Coates.

Project Didier Marien. Apartment in Moscow. Table. France, 1960, chairs of the 1960s are reabsorbed with lilac velvet. The kitchen in black lacquer is made to order.

YoDezeen. “Green Wall” – a good decor for the architectural interior, a natural color accent. Table, chairs, light – all designed by M. Castagni for Henge.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartmentsGerard Fevr. On the wall Les Epiphytes – painting by M. Davout (gallery Laure Roynette). Chandelier Delightfull. A round table made of gray granite, in the center of the decor is Tom Dixon. Chairs Gubi J. Fevre perebil in velvet from the call. Adamo & Eva from Dedar.

The table should be proportionate to the room. That there was a place for movement, but the emptiness did not press. Note: the model in which the legs are very close to the corners, strictly specifies the location of the chairs. In this sense, it is more convenient to have a table with one support or legs shifted to the center. Round models are ideal for small square rooms. They rally people, create an intimate, soulful atmosphere. Everyone sees each other, participates in a general conversation. At this table, there are no more or less honorable places. Everyone is equal. Even better – a sliding circle that turns into an oval. At the butt of the oval table, unlike the rectangular table, two people can sit down, and none of them will be on the corner. Choosing a table with chairs, make sure the expressiveness of the silhouette. Especially if the room is spacious (there is a review) and you do not plan to cover the table with a tablecloth. The chairs should respond to the beauty of the table.

Lorenzo Castillo. Private residence in Madrid. The dining room is unusual: it resembles a luxurious restaurant.

Villa in Miami. Designer Frank de Biasie. Table and chairs, and carpet – Diz. M, Bonetti. Glamor and fun. Pink lamp, Diz. Studio Wieki Somers. two Pair chandeliers from Murano glass, XIX century.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartmentsBowler James Brindley. From the dining room exit to the terrace. Solid glazing gives a spectacular panorama of London. On the left is a bar counter with chairs, Se Collection. Chairs – design by Jonathan Adler.

Architects SAOTA. Villa in Cape Town. Padded dining room. The sight does not meet obstacles to the horizon line.

Duplex of the Gucci family in Manhattan. The main room decoration is the view from the window.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartments

Gregory Gatsereliya.Lyustra, Diz. Studio Drift. Dining table P. Evans. The chairs of V. Kagan. Curbstones, diz. G. Gatsereliya. Gold candlesticks Spoon Candlestick, Arman. Work on the wall: A. Lanskoy.

Fabrice Ossie. The floor is laid with spruce boards. Table of lacquered steel and plexiglas, diz. F. Ossset. Chairs One 4 Star, Diz. K. Grcik, Magis (cast aluminum with titanium coating), support the lines of the three-part work of Strange, E. Leal.

Designer Sergei Ogurtsov. Apartment in the Olympic Village. Moscow.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartments

The custom-made kitchen and refrigerator are covered with polished gold leaf. Paired black ceramic vases, diz. Dal’Olio. The chairs of the 1930s.

Dining room-living room. The project of Mike Shilov. Chest of factory B&B Italia in the finish “bronze lacquer” – an experimental prototype, not launched in the series. Table from a crystalline plate, diz. K. Lust for MDF Italia and chairs Vanity, diz. S. Giovannoni, Magis.

The most practical table Mathematically, the most practical table is calculated: the one that accommodates a maximum of guests per unit of occupied space. They are round at eight. For each chair reserve space 70 x 50 cm. From the chair to the wall and any piece of furniture – at least 40 cm, then get up and sit down comfortably. Many believe that sliding tables are an invention of the XX century. In fact, they appeared in England in the XVII century. Houses in this country were of a modest size, and furniture makers – ingenuity.

Ilse Crawford. Interior of the family house of the Dingerhouse Regency in Somerset County. Chairs Vitra.

Chairs. If you want the guests to be really comfortable, choose chairs with soft upholstery: at the table we sit for a long time. In a small apartment it is useful to have folding chairs: they appear when the table grows in length, but folded up, for example, behind a cabinet. To soften them, stock up on pillows. Also save space models that can be stacked on each other, usually from plastic or bent plywood. If the table is stationary, it will be interesting to arrange around it different chairs: all different times and styles, none is repeated. And when you want to unify them, you’ll make covers.

Apartment on the street. Ostozhenka, kitchen-dining room. The Rannak Project & Rannak, architecture and design.

Cupboard for dishes In the dining room (a separate room or dining area) there should be a minimum of objects. In addition to the table and chairs, tableware is allowed to cover on the table was easier and faster. Typically, low models are recommended, at the height of the table (high “crush” the walls). However, in the classical interior, a high may appear – a buffet or a showcase (and the chairs here, by the way, the backs are higher), well, in modern – it is better not.

Lisa Perry’s house. The chair of W. Platner is placed around a plastic table found on a flea market in Paris. On the walls are the monochrome abstractions of E. Kelly and B. Newman. At the staircase “Red and blue chair” G. Rietveld, 1918.

Lighting Regardless of what kind of lamps are in the room, you need a separate one above the table. More often – it’s a model on a long cord (over a large table they put a few). High light will make the atmosphere more ceremonial, low – it will give intimacy (only food is lighted, and faces in semi-darkness). The average height above the table is 60 cm. It is very important to choose the correct light source. A warm spectrum of glow fits well: both the guests’ faces and the food look nice. Cold light will have the opposite effect. It is believed that red color excites appetite, but if you screw in the dining room a red light bulb, some products will appear on the cut raw. The candles are beautiful, but it is better to combine them with the muted upper light: after all, the food should be well lit.

Kelly Hoppen. thickness is custom made by Bellavista. Beau McClellan chandelier is also individually made. Chairs Holly Hunt.

“And we must remember that there is no light without shadow. Brightly lit corners need to be interlaced darker, then the rooms will become more interesting. The criteria for luxury, as it may sound banal, are different for everyone. For someone, the more gold, the better, for another, works of art are important. We try to maintain a balance between the client’s lifestyle and our ideal. Luxurious interior – above all a comfortable interior. “

Kelly Westlist. Apartment in New York. Active parquet combines the space of the dining room and living room.

Simple tips for everyday life and holidays

Tablecloth Whether it is necessary is a question that interests many. If you have a table with arabesques and candelabra on your table, then, most likely, it’s better to lay a tablecloth, although not necessarily white. It is good to have many different “clothes for the table”. Classic damask (cream, burgundy and even dark gray), huge flowers, prints, stripes of the most fashionable shades … One large tablecloth can replace several narrow tracks laid along the table or across.

The textile museum in Tilburg is known for progressive initiatives. On its website you can see and purchase the products of Dutch design stars from the museum TextielShop. The price of the festive tablecloth Graffiti from Viktor&Rolf – 135 euros.

Wipes Paper – an option for every day. Tissues emphasize the solemnity of the moment, respect for the guests. Do not stack the napkins fan, and especially – high cones. They give the table a restaurant look, in addition, to do with a napkin like this, it needs to be well starched. It takes time, but using such a napkin is not very convenient. Cute, human-looking napkins, simply tied with jute thread, grass, string of beads, silver braid, look like human … In classical laying, napkins are usually not distinguished, they are picked up under a tablecloth.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartmentsRachel Laxer Interiors. Her installation for the Holiday House is a monochrome dining room with a luxurious transparent Lasvit chandelier over the table and a panel of Damien Hirst for Lalique on the walls.

Dishes It’s great if there is a ceremonial service, dear porcelain is a family heirloom that will give meaning to any celebration. But they get it several times a year. In the rest of the time, something more democratic is required. Some decorators advise to collect plates of the same shape, but different colors. Some will get a gray, someone cherry, etc. Others offer to “collect” dishes of different designs, but the same color, for example, shades of blue or in red. But in our opinion, the most reliable is to “save” items of white color. This is the basis, which, firstly, will never become obsolete, secondly, it allows you to nicely serve any dish, thirdly, it will unite various objects in a variety of forms.

Gerard Fevr. The dining room is modernly separated from the kitchen by sliding partitions. Chairs Stay, Diz. N. Zupanz Sé London. The author of the project pereobil their fabric Short-Cuts from Dеdar.

Glasses There are precise rules, where and what to fill. We confine ourselves to the main. 1. The stronger the drink, the shallower the container for it. 2. For red wine you need large glasses, narrowed up. 3. Regardless of the drinks, the number of glasses can not exceed two or three … As in the case of plates, it is not bad to put before the guests colorful wine glasses or, conversely, the same color, but of different shapes. True, the colored glass does not allow to enjoy the color of the drink, but if the glass is old, then the pleasure from its kind will outweigh. Now again the time of crystal, put the old and the new on the table boldly. And yet the most correct thing is to buy glasses of a simple beautiful form made of transparent glass. They are appropriate both at the most solemn reception, and on a dancing buffet table.

The grand dining room: 40 solutions plus simple tips for small apartments

Nilufar Gallery together with Shalini Misra Ltd. The central place in the living-dining room is the 1960s Joe Ponti chandelier made of brass and opal glass. Around the tables of bronze Hosanna Visconti di Modronet – Federico Munari’s chairs of the 1950s.

Devices With this technical word, we call forks with knives. The most practical material for them is different types of high-grade steel. To have fewer worries, choose matte. Glossy need to be wiped after washing, otherwise the surface will fade and traces of water will be noticeable. Instruments that combine different materials (for example, handles made of wood or plastic) serve less, they do not need to be washed in hot water (steel expands, and there is a danger that the handle will crack). If washing dishes can be postponed for later, then forks with knives – no. Some products (mustard, vinegar, mayonnaise) leave traces on them.

Decorator Ken Falk from California designed a dining room in the tradition of Tony Dukett. Like the Hollywood set designer, he relied on theatricality. Fabrics by Pierre Frey. Wall coverings of de Gournay.

Flowers The flowers on the table are wonderful. However, high bouquets obscure the guests from each other. We need low compositions and not too wide, so that they do not take up much space when, following the domestic tradition, you put all the dishes on the table at once. It is generally accepted that the table should have a single composition center (usually a vase with flowers). But it seems to us that it looks beautiful on the round table, and on the rectangular – not very, there may well be several “centers”, several vases. And next to each device is a very small container with one flower. However, the leaves look no worse than flowers (and even more fashionable). On the occasion of the celebration, your home ficus will donate a few leaves, ivy and trendescantia – a pair of shoots (they can just be put in the middle of the table). Decorative bunches of parsley, basil, tarragon. Yes, and it is good to have one spacious floor vase. It is useful when there are many guests with flowers.

Kitchen-dining room designed by D. Langlois-Merinn. Italian mending vintage mahogany chairs from the 1950s were bought in New York. The fronts of the kitchen are finished with spruce, the texture of the tree is revealed by sandblasting. The table is made according to the sketches of the designer.

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