Tourists of St. Petersburg will be followed in the footsteps of “Stranger” by Alexander Blok

Tourists of St. Petersburg will be followed in the footsteps of "Stranger" by Alexander Blok

In St. Petersburg, the Museum of the History of the Northern Capital launches an excursion dedicated to the anniversary of the beloved poet Alexander Blok, Natalia Volokhova.

So, Petersburgers and visitors of the city within the framework of the excursion will follow the traces from the poem “Stranger” on May 12. Tickets can be purchased as early as May 5.

The excursion is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Natalia Volokhova. It will last about four hours. The participants will be told about the places that are connected with the “Stranger”, such as Alexander Blok’s museum-apartment, Komissarzhevskaya Theater Tower and Vyach Tower. Later, guests and residents of the city will read a work in Ozerki, which will complete the tour.

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