Two meters of beauty:

Celebrities of high growth are not uncommon. But among them there are those who look down on even the tall men. They have measured nature about two meters of solid charm!

Gwendolin Christie, 191 cm

A photo: Getty Images

The starry hour of the British actress was the role of Brienne in the cult series "The Game of Thrones". Gvendolin clearly outgrew the role of the lyrical heroine, but the warrior, opening of the enemies, out of it came out wonderful. And if before the film, the experience was clearly inferior to the theatrical, for screen success in the series. So, Christie appeared in the movie "Star Wars: Awakening Force" in the role of Captain Fazma, becoming the first female villain in a space franchise.

Yves Amazon, 205 cm

Photo: Legion-Media

Already at the age of 14, Erika Irwin (real name of the "Amazon of Eva") overtook everyone in the growth. And in 32 years I got to the Guinness Book of Records as the highest model in the world. All due to the fact that she is led to the business. Widespread popularity of the beauty brought a photo session of 2009 for the publishing house Zoo Weekly in tandem with one of the smallest girls-models, the growth of just over one and a half meters. The authors of the idea played in contrast. Yvesami received a comic nickname "babbzilla" (baby Godzilla). Actress, never, a famous actress. However, by the time the modeling career began to decline, it was more important for her to have a personal life.

Ekaterina Gamova, 202 cm

Photo: Maxim Lee / Legion-Media

The popularity of this volleyball player, two-time world champion, knows no bounds. A beautiful Russian woman was immediately recognized on the site by the fans of various countries. The choice of profession is determined by growth: by the age of 11 she had grown to 172 centimeters and continued to reach for the sun. So the way to the volleyball section was predetermined, and the talent for this sport. In 2016, the champion left the big sport and switched to coaching. She is married to the producer and cameraman Mikhail Mukasey – the son of the filmmaker Svetlana Druzhinina and the cameraman Anatoly Mukaseya.

Maria Sharapova, 188 cm

A photo: Getty Images

Russian tennis player, who has visited the first racket of the world, is considered one of the most beautiful women of the planet, who has also made a successful career as a model and star of advertising campaigns. With a high growth and 43-m foot size, Masha looks very harmonious and proportionate. Not surprisingly, both romantic relationships and her are tied with handsome men who have enough growth and fame. But neither the basketball player from Slovenia Sasha Vuyachich, nor the Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov led Maria to the crown. However, in early 2018 there were rumors of her novel – this time next to Sharapova seen British millionaire Alexander Gil.

Carly Closs, 188 cm

A photo: Getty Images

The American supermodel dreamed of ballet since childhood. However, the chiselled figure and ballet posture are exactly what helped them to break into the top ten of the most popular models of the world. Since in 2007, Carly first appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue, her unusual beauty came in handy in the advertising campaigns of many of the world’s leading brands. Among her hobbies is still ballet, and still riding a bicycle and, oddly enough with such a figure, baking cookies.

Natasha Stefanenko, 185 cm

A photo: Getty Images

In Russia, Natasha was famous thanks to the popular TV program "Take it off immediately!", Which was paired with Tasha Strogoy (also, by the way, quite high – her height is 182 cm). Effective blonde her height is not bother, she is happy to wear shoes with high heels. Now it’s difficult to imagine that Natalia was born in a small town in the Urals, and studied as a civil engineer. Appearance helped her to make a career in Italy – first a model, then a TV presenter. In the same place, she has been happy for more than 20 years. Luke Sabbioni founded his own brand of clothing and shoes, quite popular in Europe. The daughter of Alexander inherited the high growth and beauty of her mother.

Brigitte Nielsen, 185 cm

Photo: Legion-Media

Dane is known as Red Sonja and ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone. However, she married five times, and still, in her 54, looks royally and magnetically attracts the attention of men. And the role that was made by Gitt a star, came to her almost by accident. Producer of the project was looking for the role of female warrior actress with an extraordinary appearance, and then I saw a beginner, but already a luxurious model on the cover of the magazine. So Nielsen got into the project, which also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Smith. And after the premiere in 1985, the paintings "Red Sonja "the whole world has learned about it.

Adriana Sklenarikova, 185 cm

Photo: Legion-Media

The blond is the most famous female legs: 125 cm from waist to heels. In 2000, on this basis, it was included in the Guinness Book of Records. In her own way "golden" The Christian Karambe, who was considered the pride of the national sport. But the marriage, which lasted more than 12 years, fell apart, and three years later Adriana married Armenian businessman Aram Ohanyan.

Tamara Titchenkova, 204 cm

Tamara at the prom with her sister and parents

Tamara is the star of KVN, she plays in the Team of the Great Moscow State Circus. She comes from the city of Nikolaev and Ukraine, also known as a model. Her younger sister Lyudmila is only a couple of centimeters below. In childhood, the girls found a rare syndrome, the main symptoms of which are high growth and elongated limbs. Unpleasant consequences of the disease were avoided, and growth does not interfere with the sisters at all. During the trip to Japan, the "extraterrestrial" the appearance of the two girls walking along the catwalk, they won the audience: they were recognized almost as a standard of beauty and were offered to stay in the Land of the Rising Sun. Sisters Titchenko, however, closer other latitudes. After taking part in the Moscow Circus, Tamara remained there to work. She has a young man, a few inches below the height.

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