Vadim Mulerman was killed by doctors

In his voice, the millions were in love. Photos from the site

When the legendary singer was diagnosed, it was impossible to save him

May 2 came the sad news: not surviving literally three months before the 80th anniversary, the idol 60 died – 70’s Vadim MULERMAN – performer hits "Do not frown, Lada", "Coward doesnt play hockey" and many other favorite songs of all. Death overtook the legendary singer in New York, where he, three years ago, together with his wife Svetlana LITVINOVA and her daughters Marina and Emilia, moved from his native Kharkov.

– Before the New Year, Vadim felt more or less normal, – told Svetlana Litvinova-Mulerman. – Last summer he even worked – he performed with concerts in children’s rehabilitation centers. For him, it was always the most important thing to provide for the family. And Vadim was terribly depressed, that lately I had to deal with this to a greater extent. "Vadik, you have done everything you could for us," I reassured him. "Have a little rest!" But he could not bear it. And until the last I was looking for an opportunity to earn money.

On New Year’s Eve we went to Chicago to his childhood friend – a satirical writer Semyon Ladyzhensky. We talked for a long time time, remembered our youth and our native Kharkov. And when they returned to New York, Vadim suddenly began to complain: "Sveta, I can not any more. It’s hard for me. I’m losing strength. "

His appetite was gone. Vadik was very thin. With difficulty I moved. On the street. Just sat by the window and smoked. He was called by the student – singer Larissa Gordier. She offered to organize jubilee concerts. But Vadim did not dare to give his consent. "I will not stretch out a whole concert," he said. – Maximum – I can sing three songs. "

Musician with his wife Svetlana and daughter Marina (Moscow, 2017). Photos from personal archive

Vadim was observed by two therapists. Our Russian emigrants who here, in America, have finished their studies or retrained. Because of the lack of a language barrier, it was easier to communicate with them. But Vadim categorically did not want to go to doctors. "Let’s check it out!" persuaded him. "It’s useless," he refused, "their recommendations."

He was prescribed pills that stabilize the heart, pressure, cholesterol. Better it really did not become. And he somehow lost faith in medicine. I literally drove her husband from one doctor to another. But no one could really get what was going on. "Apparently, the problem is in weak kidneys," they told me. "They do not filter blood properly." And because of this there is a state of depression and poor health. "

Analyzes did not show anything suspicious. X-rays too. Yes, there was some kind of speck in the lungs. Not even a speck, but a tiny dot. But they did not attach importance to this and did not deem it necessary to do deeper examination. This is the American doctors are always reinsured. They were afraid that they might be sued if they did. And ours were not afraid of anything. They knew that no one was going to sue them in court.

Report from the funeral with MULERMAN in New York TV channel was conducted by the legendary Soviet TV announcer Valentina PECHORIN (left), who has lived in the USA for a quarter of a century. Next to her – Alla and Dmitry LISOVETSKY. Photo by Michael Gladkov

"Let me sleep in peace!"

– In the last month Vadim began to suffer severe pain in the area of ​​the scapula and spine, continues the widow of the singer. – His left arm and leg did not work well. The doctors did not suspect the stroke. But I did not like all this. I called an ambulance and insisted that Vadim be hospitalized. I wanted to put him in one of the hospitals in Manhattan – the best in New York. There were three successful operations. But he could not communicate with American doctors. I need to be constantly with him as an interpreter.

And at home was our youngest daughter Emichka. She and needed my support. Because of her young age, she was very worried. Continually rang and asked: "What’s going on?" Every day I went too far to Manhattan and back. And I had to choose a closer to the house Maimonides Medical Center – the Jewish hospital in Brooklyn. After learning what symptoms Vadim had, the doctor in the emergency room immediately. "Your husband has lung cancer," he told me. "Metastases have already started."

That same Jewish hospital in Brooklyn, where Vadim Iosifovich died. Photos from the site

Vadim did not say anything about his terrible diagnosis. They put it in the ward all the organs. Even at night they gave no peace. All the time woke up, shifted from the bunk to the gurney and was taken somewhere – then take tests, then carry out the next tests. "Why do it in the middle of the night? – He was indignant. "Let me sleep peacefully!" And he cursed the doctors who performed their duty with a Russian obscene language, which, fortunately, no one understood.

I remember a huge American oncologist came to Vadik. He stood over him and began to loudly ask in English: "Mr. Mulerman! Can you hear me? What is the date today? What is your name? Where are you? "In America, doctors usually ask such questions to determine whether the patient is in the mind or not. And Vadim just dozed before that and he could not understand anything. "What is this peasant yelling? – He turned to me. "He has nothing to do with, how can I find out today’s date?" It seemed that my husband did not feel at all. Or maybe it was so strong that he hid it from everyone.

With the singer they said goodbye at the closed coffin. Photo by Michael Gladkov

Too many tears

– Vadim spent eight days in the hospital. "Well, did you find anything?" – Every day he asked me. "What’s the point of me lying here?" "While they’re looking," I answered evasively. Tried to maintain a degree of good mood in him. Then she left the room and furtively sang in the toilet, – Svetlana recalls. – On the eighth day Vadim was gone.

For the sake of the family, he sacrificed his last years. I went to America, so that our girls had a future. And I was not left alone feeling guilty, that I could not take enough measures and him to diagnose him.

I was reassured by the oncologist-Bulgarian from the hospital: "If you even learned about the cancer right after the New Year and began to treat it, you would only be in vain exhausted by her husband with chemistry and irradiation. You could not save him anyway. And so he was almost to the last day. And he passed away with a calm heart. "

Conduct MULERMANA in the last way. Among them – the famous TV journalist Michael GLADKOV (in the foreground). Photo by Michael Gladkov

Of course, it’s very difficult for me now. Vadim took too much in my life. And the emptiness is formed can not be filled with anything. I have not cried so much in my whole life. I never thought that I had so many tears in me.

Emetchka was also hysterical when she was told of her father’s death. The eldest daughter of Marina had to take her out of school. She was in such a condition that she could not reach the house herself.

I want to thank all those who are supported by our family in these difficult days. Especially the owners of the funeral home Lisovetsky Memorial Home Allu and Dmitry Lisovetskih. It was completely taken by Vadim and the preparation of the necessary documents. We did not betray his land in America. They decided to cremate, and buried the ashes in Kharkov. I hope, we will manage to agree on this with the local authorities.

In our further plans – to spend an evening of Vadim’s memory, establish a worthy monument and publish a book about him. If someone wants to help our family in the implementation of these projects, there is an account number on the page of Marina’s eldest daughter on Facebook, on which donations can be made.

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