Ways to save money on travel to Europe

Traveling in Europe is expensive? Not at all, if your knowledge basket has information on how to save a hundred or two euros on a week-long trip.

Tickets at the lowest prices, as a rule, can not be bought in half a year before departure, but if you do not like planning in advance, do not worry: you can snatch very good offers about a couple of months before the trip. To be in the know, subscribe to the mailings of all the companies mentioned: there will be plenty to choose from.

Be interested in local public transport

Everyone knows that it is cheaper to travel by bus than by taxi. However, instead of every time being spent for a one-time travel card (which in most European cities costs from one to a half to three euros), ask for more economical options. In most places you can buy unlimited travel for a day, a week or a month; in some cities (for example, in Amsterdam) the fare for the same pass drive. These advantages are convenient to use on a busy day of sightseeing, when you have a lot to move from one point of the city to another.

Get tourist maps of cities

"Subscriptions", allowing free access to a number of museums and attractions, to travel by public transport and at some restaurants with a significant discount, are sold in most European cities.

For example, by purchasing a card for 35 euros in Barcelona, ​​you can go for free for free for two days, in the central part of the city, free visits to 15 museums and attractions and large discounts in 25 museums, discounts when visiting restaurants, clubs, a zoo and goods in a number of souvenir shops.


European cities are famous for their excellent parks and recreational areas. On a fine day, instead of spending money in a cafe, go out to dinner outside!

Products for a picnic can be bought at the local food market: it’s cheaper and more useful. In addition, buying food from farmers, bakers and cheese makers, you are doing a good job supporting local production.

Travel on weekdays

The largest influx of tourists, popular cities are experiencing on weekends. At this time, as a rule, not only the queues for museums grow, but also the prices for housing. In addition, tickets for trains and airplanes are cheaper on Monday-Thursday: use this time for budget transfers from one point to another.

Go for free excursions

Yes, free tours do happen – and almost in every city in Europe, worthy of attention! Simply type in the search engine "Berlin free walking tour" – and you will go to the sites of volunteer organizations that organize free-of-charge pedestrian tours every day. From the money you take with you exactly as you are ready to donate to the young enthusiast guides.

Take care of the water in advance

There are a number of things absolutely necessary during long exploratory walks around the cities. One of such things is water.

Traders in popular tourist places, know, well, that, is, is, is, is, is, is, strong and unpredictable, and they break prices for drinks, which are two to three times higher than prices in local supermarkets. In order not to spend three euros per bottle for two sips, in the morning buy a liter of water in the nearest grocery store – you will appreciate the value of this advice during a long walk.

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