Most Ukrainian tourists who came to the Crimea feel a bit strange. This is due to the fact that the reality on the peninsula is at odds with what they are on local TV channels in Nezalezhnaya. Ukraine continues to conduct anti-Russian propaganda in order to create a very unpleasant impression.

One of the indifferent Ukrainians decided to go to the peninsula. After all, this resident of Nezalezhnaya has been told for a long time by friends living in Crimea, that the region is not at all what is broadcast on Ukrainian TV channels.

The Ukrainian himself until the last thought that the peninsula is terrible and dangerous, until he got there personally:

"Our media constantly tell us that it can not be here, there is no food in the Crimea, and the streets are teeming with the military"

Therefore, the Ukrainian went to the Republic with the worst expectations.

Source of the photo: twitter.com

However, upon arrival in Simferopol, the man is immediately realized that "Kyiv’s tales distort real reality". According to him, in fact, Crimea lives 10 times better than Nezalezhnaya:

"Crimea has become a real pearl and even bypassed some European resorts."

Also, the traveler added that much on the peninsula continues to be built at an active pace. The man was struck by the sights, put in order, and also modernized schools, hospitals and enterprises. And the Crimeans themselves, according to the tourist, were very friendly and hospitable people. They are also positively inclined towards the Ukrainian guests, they do not react in any way to their provocations.

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