What scandal on the show “Bach” is discussed by the whole Network?

What scandal on the show "Bach" is discussed by the whole Network?

In the last series, Yegor Creed (23) expelled the audience from the project, Darya Klyukin (23) because of …. smoking. The girl gave a promise to Egor not to smoke, but Dasha was noticed again with a cigarette. Yegor found out about this and stood on ceremony with the participant: he immediately escorted the girl to the car at the airport. But in the last minutes of the series they showed how the singer catches up with Dasha’s car and calls her to the conversation.

The fans of the show were sure that he would return Klukin to the project. But Yegor denied these rumors in his Instagram. He published a video of parting with Dasha and signed: “I just wanted to put all the points above and”.

After this series, I wrote a track, where in the chorus 1st line – “Tell me how much is your word?”. As a result, later in LA, together with L ‘One it was recorded, but now it’s not about that. ________ How important is the word given to someone? Very often in my life I come across the fact that people do not give an account of their words and actions. All of you know that I “do not really” like smoking girls, and you all know what I hate when they tell me lies. On the project, when you do not hear conversations behind the camera – on the camera, do not know what interview a person gives, you can judge him only by your meetings. (And there are not so many of them) When I found out that Dasha, to whom I care for a bad habit, I asked to give me a word that she would get rid of it. Dasha promised not to do it again. Believe me, this meant a lot to me, and I was delighted. I, in principle, always try to wean everyone in life, especially when someone is close to me. To quit cigarettes is not difficult. (By myself I know) And if there is a motivation, then generally IZI After a couple of days, I accidentally went to the girls in the room and saw Dasha with a cigarette. Disappointment. And, of course, not because of! P.S. At the end of the series showed a small piece where I followed her. I did not go because I changed my mind or felt that I had done wrong. No. When I transplanted it into my car, I just wanted to put all the points. To be honest. I do not know if they’ll show it or not. Yes it does not matter. _________ Do not make promises that you can not fulfill. Learn to think, talk and do the same thing.

In the web, the singer was accused of hypocrisy and duplicity: if Dasha was expelled for a cigarette, then he himself was kissing (at the moment) with the married participant of the show Victoria Korotkova (23). In the comments write: “Invite to a date Vika, because she is beautiful … and married. And drive Dasha out of smoking “; “Dasha just smoked, and Vika was married! It’s strange that it does not strain anything. And to kiss Vika was also unfair to Dasha! “. And the most devoted fans of Egor even began to write to him in the direct! The singer did not lose his head and responded to criticism in Instagram Stories: “Uh … kissing? He kissed his cheek! What am I immoral, what can I do about myself? “

What scandal on the show "Bach" is discussed by the whole Network?

Recall that it is not known whether Dasha Klyukina will return to the project, and after all the fans of the show wanted to win it.

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