What to see on the weekends

What to see on the weekendsOn the photo: fragment of the poster for the film "Youth"

In the 178th issue of our regular weekend column, we talk about the new creation of Wes Anderson, the cartoon about the goose, the new anti-utopia of Andrew Nikkola and the comedy about the unusual power of social networks. Plus, we recommend not to miss a good drama about the First World War and a movie about one memorable sea voyage.

What to see on the weekendsIsland of dogs

About what: Japan of the future, because of the outbreak of a previously unknown disease, all dogs were evicted to a separate island. Among them was the home favorite of the 12-year-old boy Atari.

Why watch: the ninth film of the cult director Wes Anderson (“Hotel Grand Budapest”, “Kingdom of the Full Moon”) and his second experience in animation after the cartoon “The Unparalleled Mr. Fox.” Like the previous work of Anderson, “The Island of Dogs” is again full of fervent infantilism and touching characters, which were originally voiced by Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel, Jeff Goldblum, Greta Gerwig, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson and Yoko Ono herself. In addition, this is a fun doll story, where the tragedy easily adjoins the children’s riot, samurai dogs and terrible adults, and Japan itself resembles the world of the future, predicted by George Orwell. The premiere of the film took place at the opening of Berlinale, in the same place Anderson’s creation was hastened to be called the brightest ribbon of the festival and one more little story about being an adult is still terribly boring.

What to see on the weekends

About what: in the world of the future the “big brother” began to finally control everything, and there was no room for mistakes and violations. But one day Detective Saul Freeland gets acquainted with a girl who is not in any base, and this is the beginning of the collapse of the whole system.

Why watch: director Andrew Nikkol is considered the main expert on anti-utopias in Hollywood. It was he who made such films as “Gattaki” and “Time”. “Anonymous” is his new work, continuing the discussion about the future, where everything, as expected, is not at all joyful. The main roles in the film were played by Clive Owen (“Sin City”, “Knickerbocker Hospital”) and Amanda Sayfred (“Mama MIA!”, “Les Miserables”), who worked with Nikkol on the film “Time”. The film itself will be released in Europe, while in the US its premiere will immediately take place on the Netflix service. American critics are already praising the tape for atmospheric and visual stylistics, but from them she gets for too much drama and Niccol’s great desire to speak in one film about all the problems of humanity right away.

What to see on the weekendsPapa goose

About what: A goose named Pen dreams of the sky, but after a serious injury has to learn to fly anew. Complicates all and the emergence of new concerns in the face of two small lost ducklings.

Why watch: a cartoon from the producers of “Shrek, shot by debutant Chris Jenkins. Previously, Jenkins created an animation for the tapes “Pacachontas” and “The Lion King” and was the scriptwriter of “Hold the Wave”. In the work on “Pope Goose” he was helped by Scott Atkinson, an actor for whom it became his debut as a screenwriter. The cartoon itself is designed for children’s audiences, but in this case the genre of road-music is rethought, where the same goose from the title meets a couple of funny ducklings, recovers with them in a colorful and music-filled trip to the south.

What to see on the weekends

Status: Update

About what: after his old phone has recovered to a landfill, Kyle received a new mobile with an unusual application, thanks to which any published post is immediately implemented.

Why watch: in the movie “Click: with the remote control over life” the hero of Adam Sendler received an unusual remote control, allowing you to control anything. In the film directed by Scott Spira (“Step Forward 4”), such a weapon of power is a well-known social network in which each of us spends many hours of his life. The heroes of his film are young people who do not let mobile out of their hands and literally spend every second of their lives with them. At the same time, Jason Philardy made a screenwriter and, like his most famous work (“Pope Again 17”), the characters at some point have the opportunity to try on a different life – in this case, much more successful. But will this bring happiness? As in the tape"Pope again 17 “, the answer here is not at all obvious.

End of the road

About what: a story about a group of British officers awaiting a devastating attack by the Germans in the last spring of the First World War.

Why watch: a screen version of the play by RS Sherriff, released for the celebration of Britain’s 100th anniversary of the First World War. Initially, the film was to be directed by David Grindley, and the main roles were claimed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne. However, in due course Grindley was replaced by Sol Dibb (“The Duchess”), and in the casting appeared Paul Bettany, Tom Sturridge and Toby Jones. “The end of the road” is another attempt to show the wrong side of any war, but at the same time it is a story of how a person who is on the verge of life and death changes. And here it does not matter who you were before and how you ended up in the very heat of a ruthless war.

What to see on the weekends

About what: tired of gray everyday life, a young guy named Zico throws everything and goes on a big trip on a cargo ship.

Why watch: director Julien Samani previously filmed a documentary tape about the sea. In his playing debut, the sea once again plays an important role, as are mandatory references to the works of Joseph Conrad and the novel by Herman Melville “Moby Dick”. From the first here is the theme of the male community, fastened by a debilitating journey away from the land. From the second – the hero-loner, trying to find himself on this trip. In addition, the film has a dramatic component, good humor and classic for French cinema, talk, but most importantly – a romantic story that even in our mundane times desperate deeds and travel are still possible.

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