На стилі: гості Тижня чоловічої моди in London

In London in the most rozpalі Tiden cholovichoi mod, a kind, traditionally, attracted to the world of fashion in the world. For the whole season, stink, yak і rіsіshe, rake the bet on sport and dodayut to ynogo yakogom bіols koloru. Takozh London sell demonstruti і silnі positsії klassichnogo kroyu – cholovіki here iz to

Leather suits, cotton jackets and linen shorts in a new capsule Luda Nikishina

Moscow designer Luda Nikishina once won the hearts of women of fashion thanks to an ideally tailored coat. Now the assortment of the brand is not limited to outerwear. The new capsule includes everyday things made of genuine leather: trousers, mini skirts, jackets, which will become faithful companions in the summer evenings. All in natural

Cherchez la femme: Gaspard Ullel in search of the dream girl in the video Bleu de Chanel

The fragrance of Bleu de Chanel was released in 2010. Since then, the composition, loved by both sexes, has improved. This year, a combination of wood and citrus notes changes in perfume. Cedar was still a leitmotif, but perfumer Olivier Polje decided to add a recognizable bouquet of sandalwood from New Caledonia, thereby making the

Icon style: 5 years old images of Princess Diana, which are relevant to this day

Princess Diana became the first fashionable revolutionary. She expanded the boundaries of the traditional protocol wardrobe of the royal family of the English court. Princess of Wales always chose bright outfits, experimented with trends and was not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Her canonical images were left out of time and trends. Denim

It’s official: Kim Cattrall starred in the new series

The last six months around Kim Cattrall, the Hollywood passions raged: the star refused to shoot in the new part of the movie “Sex and the City” and quarreled with Sarah Jessica Parker. In March, the 61-year-old actress gave several interviews in which she confessed that she considered herself inappropriate for the role of Samantha

Yak Vogue-girls to go to the Kyiv Wine Festival

2 і 3 червня всі гедоністи міста зстрінуться на фестивалі вини і іжі Kyiv Wine, which traditionally hold a company Good Wine. Here you can see here 500 bottles of wine, bring 157 brands, and 77 wineries come to Kyiv especially. Bude chomu zdivuvatisya і shanuvalnikam zdorovoy їжі – 25 restaurants to present at Kyiv

Що потрібно знати about the film “Escobar”

One of the nicholoritnyh kinopar – Hav’er Bardem i Penelopa Cruz – turn on the screen at the drama about Pablo Eskobar. "Escobar" z’yavitsya in the Ukrainian rental vzhe 31 herbs. Frame to fіlmu "Escobar" The film “Escobar” of znyaty for the riddles of the journalist Virdzhinії Valyeho, at the anchor buv romance with the