На стилі: гості Тижня чоловічої моди in London

In London in the most rozpalі Tiden cholovichoi mod, a kind, traditionally, attracted to the world of fashion in the world. For the whole season, stink, yak і rіsіshe, rake the bet on sport and dodayut to ynogo yakogom bіols koloru. Takozh London sell demonstruti і silnі positsії klassichnogo kroyu – cholovіki here iz to

Leather suits, cotton jackets and linen shorts in a new capsule Luda Nikishina

Moscow designer Luda Nikishina once won the hearts of women of fashion thanks to an ideally tailored coat. Now the assortment of the brand is not limited to outerwear. The new capsule includes everyday things made of genuine leather: trousers, mini skirts, jackets, which will become faithful companions in the summer evenings. All in natural

Cherchez la femme: Gaspard Ullel in search of the dream girl in the video Bleu de Chanel

The fragrance of Bleu de Chanel was released in 2010. Since then, the composition, loved by both sexes, has improved. This year, a combination of wood and citrus notes changes in perfume. Cedar was still a leitmotif, but perfumer Olivier Polje decided to add a recognizable bouquet of sandalwood from New Caledonia, thereby making the

Що потрібно знати about the film “Escobar”

One of the nicholoritnyh kinopar – Hav’er Bardem i Penelopa Cruz – turn on the screen at the drama about Pablo Eskobar. "Escobar" z’yavitsya in the Ukrainian rental vzhe 31 herbs. Frame to fіlmu "Escobar" The film “Escobar” of znyaty for the riddles of the journalist Virdzhinії Valyeho, at the anchor buv romance with the

Chi є sex at the mod in the epoch #MeToo

Chi є sex in the fashion in the epoch #MeToo, if sexuality and sexism dosіdut handrail, and uyavlennya about zinotchu prabilblivist zmіniyutsya radically, pokobiralasya Anastasiya Fedorova. Balmain In suhasnennyi mediа-spheres, sex, flirtation and privablivost – not nayprostіshі those for obogovorennya. The reason is the poorness of the hype of revaluation of values, the yak has

Wardrobe The founder of the vintage store More is More Anya Koltsova about her favorite outfits

INTERVIEW: Dasha Knyazeva PHOTO: Luba Kozorezova FOR CATEGORY “GARDEROBE” we photograph beautifully, distinctly or strangely dressed people in their favorite things and ask you to tell stories related to them. This week, our heroine is the founder of the online store of vintage jewelry More is More Anya Koltsova. When I was little, my grandmother

90’s then and now: how to wear trends 20 years ago and be relevant

Rexfeatures; GettyImages; Glasses with colored lenses Remember, pink and red glasses were popular in the late 90’s – early 2000’s? Now they do not look exactly like that – no pearly reflection and mimicry, but the style of the “Matrix” is quite suitable. NOW Sandals with square noses Shoes with a massive square nose was

In the “Crocus City Molle” pop-up-boutique Louis Vuitton opened with a collection for the 2018 World Cup

From now until July 31, the special space Louis Vuitton will work in the Crocus City Mall, where you can buy products from the special collection dedicated to the FIFA-2018 World Cup in Russia. In the pop-up-boutique, designed in the appropriate theme, there will be new versions of bags Keepall and backpacks Apollo, as well