Sergei Ursulyak turns 60

Today, June 10th, notes the 60-the famous Russian director, screenwriter, producer, actor and TV host Sergey Ursulyak. Sergey Vladimirovich Ursulyak was born June 10, 1958 year in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In 1979 he graduated from the acting department of the Theater School named after B.V. Shchukin (workshop Evgenia Simonova), in 1993 – VKSR (workshop Vladimir Motyl). From

Vera Brezhnev met her daughter on vacation

Svetlana Khodchenkova flirts on the red carpet 32-year-old singer and actress Vera Brezhneva grows two daughters. Her eldest daughter Sonya recently left for the first time with her mother, and the youngest daughter Sarah prefers not to get into camera lenses. The press invariably releases reports that another child will soon appear in Brezhnev’s family.

На стилі: гості Тижня чоловічої моди in London

In London in the most rozpalі Tiden cholovichoi mod, a kind, traditionally, attracted to the world of fashion in the world. For the whole season, stink, yak і rіsіshe, rake the bet on sport and dodayut to ynogo yakogom bіols koloru. Takozh London sell demonstruti і silnі positsії klassichnogo kroyu – cholovіki here iz to

Which fonts are better for using complex data?

The translation of Jonathan Hofler’s printer’s material about how to make presentations, annotations, reports and other official documents is understandable and enjoyable for reading. Commodity calculations, packaging, financial reports and applications present a huge amount of data to readers. Below are several ways to quickly deal with long lists, tiny notes and a lot of

“I do not like trends”: 9 questions to Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid (born 1960) designed thousands of objects and received hundreds of international awards. His name became a household name when talking about popularity, marketing response and the widest specialization (or lack thereof) in design. Can you call yourself a perfectionist? Absolutely for sure! I work with modern culture as a sculptor. I am

Leather suits, cotton jackets and linen shorts in a new capsule Luda Nikishina

Moscow designer Luda Nikishina once won the hearts of women of fashion thanks to an ideally tailored coat. Now the assortment of the brand is not limited to outerwear. The new capsule includes everyday things made of genuine leather: trousers, mini skirts, jackets, which will become faithful companions in the summer evenings. All in natural