Natasha Koroleva: Igor Nikolayev, we were divorced brighter than married

On the eve of the anniversary of Natasha Koroleva became the guest of the radio station "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In the fall of Natasha Koroleva is the new anniversary show in the Kremlin. It is no coincidence it will be called “Berry”. The singer manages to stay popular for over 33 years! And on the eve

New trailers

Published by website user About the movie In January, the Sundance film festival premiere of the Western "Girl" with Robert Pattinson and MIA wasikowska in the lead roles. The plot: Samuel alabaster – a measure of a narcissistic pedant with handkerchiefs and stories about a villain kidnapped bride Penelope. Samuel does not know how to

New coach Evgenia Medvedeva revealed details of their collaboration

Evgeny Medvedev Last week, all sports fans were surprised by the unexpected news of the resignation of Evgenia Medvedeva from coach Eteri Tutberidze. Skater long made an official statement and refused to comment on the controversial topic. It became clear that the girl was it was decided to cooperate with canadian Brian Orser. The coach

David Beckham criticized for the fact that he was kissing a 6-year-old daughter Harper on the lips

Baby Harper is a favorite of David Beckham. However, sometimes, the happy father is feeling quite strange. Harper Seven Beckham, David Beckham Not long ago, David Beckham admitted that his sons were disappointed. The upset father told reporters that 19-year-old Brooklyn, 15-year-old Romeo and 13-year-old Cruz not interested in football. Meanwhile, the athlete had hoped

the most expensive motorcycle in the world

Shimmering blue coating, plated parts, integrated into the body of the motorcycle jewelry items and watches – all makes Harley-Davidson Blue Edition is a unique motorcycle Two Swiss watch manufacturer Carl F. Bucherer Bucherer brand and jewelery Jewelery (also part of the Bucherer family Group) together with a workshop Harley-Davidson Bunderbike, specializing in the customization