Angelina Jolie returns to work

Angelina Jolie returns to workThe actress is removed in the sequel “Maleficents”

The 42-year-old artist after the messages of parting with her husband returns to work. The last few months, the artist’s forces went to fight the ex-husband for children. But now the passions have subsided and the actress, at last, can calmly return to the shooting.

The film “Maleficenta 2” will be shot in Atlanta, Georgia and at additional venues in the UK. On the screen again appear characters from the classic full-length animated feature film Disney “Sleeping Beauty”, whose unknown pre-history has come to life in the feature film “Maleficent.” The role of the dark fairy Maleficent again embodies on the screen a three-time winner of the Golden Globe Award, nominee for the Academy Award Angelina Jolie (“Interrupted Life”, “Particularly Dangerous”), which will be joined by El Fanning (“Fatal Temptation”, “Super 8” “) In the role of Princess Aurora.

To the cast of the film, in the role of Queen Ingrit, is joined by the owner of the Golden Globe, nominee for the Emmy Award and three-time nominee for the Oscar, Michelle Pfeiffer.

The film will take place a few years after the final of the film “Maleficent”, in which the most famous villain Disney has imposed an evil charm on the baby Princess Aurora. The plot of the film “Maleficent 2 continues to study the complex relationship between the dark fairy and the future queen. The audience will learn about new allies and opponents in the protection of the magic forest and the magical creatures that live in it.

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