In the house of Dmitry Dibrov there was a fire

In the house of Dmitry Dibrov there was a fireDmitry Dibrov

Dmitry Dibrov and his family – wife Pauline and three sons Alexander, Fedor and Ilya, who just turn three years old – live in a big house outside the city. In a three-story mansion in the village of Uspenskie Polyany, which is 19 kilometers from the Moscow ring road, there is everything necessary for life. And even more: a room for each member of the family, a verified interior, lovingly selected expensive pieces of furniture and finishes. Now the house needs repair.

On the night of April 30, a fire broke out in the house of the Dibrovs. This was reported by the wife of the TV presenter on his page in Instagram. As Polina said, the segway caught fire, which she put on charge. If it were not for Dmitri, who did not sleep at one o’clock in the morning and was able to cope with the fire (the boon in the house was a fire extinguisher), the consequences would be irreversible. However, judging by the photo, published by Polina, the house still decently suffered.

In the house of Dmitry Dibrov there was a fire

Dmitry Dibrov with his wife and children

“At three o’clock in the morning I jumped in bed from the pungent smell … I ran all the rooms on the third floor (our floor with Dima) – quietly, but stink. I went down to the second – the same picture, the smell intensified, the children were asleep. First – my husband is sitting at a table with a glass of whiskey without a face … The smell is incredible … In front of me the whole door in the soot, I understand that the fire. Dima coped with the manager [here, probably, a typo] himself. The segens charged by me were charging up, and it’s our happiness that my husband did not sleep and was on the first floor, otherwise the consequences would be terrible. Smooth smoke, soot – you can not go into the room. The glass door cracked. Here are some Chinese things for you. God saved us! “- wrote Polina Dibrova.

Polina also noted that her husband, although he was able to prevent the flames from burning together with his assistant, was still very worried. Dibrova’s wife turned to subscribers for advice: how to get rid of the smell of burning, how to survive the consequences of a fire, how to prevent such a situation in the future?

“The fire is incredibly scary. She put her husband to bed in the morning, always speaks in a dream and names the names of the children. He was very frightened for their life, the thought that if everyone were asleep, they are driving mad. How to prevent such situations? How to wash a house after a fire? Need any advice! The fire extinguisher helped. The guards called the firemen. But, friends, in this situation the phone is not an assistant. After I saw the missed from my husband at one o’clock in the morning [the bell], when everything happened. At night I put a noiseless regime. Take care of yourself and your loved ones! “- said Dibrova.

Judging by the video, only a part of the house was damaged: a glass door cracked, soot covered the white walls in the corridors and room, and also the ceiling in the kitchen. Subscribers expressed sympathy and wished not to fall into such situations any more, and also recommended not to charge various devices at night.

“Thank God that everything turned out all right! Your husband is a fine fellow, he did not lose his head and, as befits a real dad and spouse, he was very frightened for his family – that’s fine! “,” My God, thank God that everyone is alive! Force you, let everything be fine! “,” Polina, everything will have to be ripped off and made repairs. My neighbor’s house was on fire, my house was damaged by smoke, washed. But their house from the smoke had to be disassembled and rebuilt all inside … “- Pauline wrote compassionate subscribers.

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