The worst flood in Ankara in 500 years: video

Heavy rains in the capital of Turkey turned city streets into bubbling rivers. By now, there are six victims.

The downpour that passed in Ankara on May 5 was recognized as the most powerful in several centuries. Forecasters predicted that the rain will go for three hours, but the whole gigantic volume of water. This led to severe flooding; especially the capital district of Mamak, where several streets were flooded. Cars washed away from places, and the lower floors of buildings were flooded.

Catastrophic victims were avoided, but we knew of six victims: basically, they were drivers trapped in cars and trying to leave the natural disaster. According to preliminary data, damage was caused to 160 cars and 25 enterprises; Assessment of damage to the housing fund is still under way.

Now the city. At the same time, as weather forecasters warn, precipitation will continue until the end of the week.

How much does it cost to change the situation?

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